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Chinese Restaurant Xiang Tao Renewal Opened on March 1st, 2019

Interior Concept is “Chinese Arcadia”

The name “Xiang Tao” is originated from Chinese Peach Arcadia, and this concept is reflected on the fully-renovated restaurant interior. In old Chinese poems, it is often described that people used to gather around the peach trees to dine and wine. One of the significant features is a 6m long ceramic back-wall made uniquely out of approximately 11,000 ceramic pieces combined into one stunning mosaic art which from a distance represents a peach tree in full bloom. The ceiling is also colored in light pink which creates a feeling of being surrounded by fully bloomed peach trees. On the shelves of the private dining rooms separated by the glass partition which is the traditional Chinese checkered shape design, Chinese antiques that have been with Xiang Tao for many years along with new ceramic arts and pots with peach images are displayed, enriching the “Xiang Tao Collection” that will be passed on from the past to the present.

Terrace Overlooking the Garden

The newly added terrace seating provides a unique outdoor setting, overlooking a garden planted with various trees and flowers including bayberry, a Chinese peach tree. Guests can enjoy a Garden Dim Sum set served with your choice of Chinese teas selected exclusively by our certified tea sommeliers.

Authentic Cantonese Cuisine by Chef and Dim Sum Chef from Hong Kong

Peter Cheung, the chef de cuisine at Xiang Tao, is known for his authentic Cantonese cuisine, which takes advantage of his abundant experience to give a beautiful and modern finish to the traditional use of ingredients and recipes of that epicurean city, Hong Kong. Xiang Tao’s dim sum is handmade from our talented dim sum Chef Leung, who invests a good deal of time and effort in making the finest dim sum in town. From choosing the best ingredients to create a wrapper and filling to cooking in various styles, such as steaming, boiling, pan-frying and deep frying, he never compromises any small step to achieve perfection.

Signature Dishes

We offer the authentic Cantonese cuisine such as Peking duck which guests can enjoy its crispy skin and soft meat wrapped pancakes with six kinds of sauce, and braised dried Japanese high-grade abalone with oyster sauce.

Chinese Tea

Our certified master tea sommeliers suggest you Chinese teas from our selection to prodigiously marriage with your dishes.

Shaoxing Wine

Enjoy the exquisite combination of your dishes and wine selected by our sommeliers. Guests can only taste the rare and limited "Shaoxing 40 years" at Xiang Tao as long as the 120 bottles are still available. Shaoxing wines are usually blended from various small batches of different ages. However, this unique 100% Chinese rice wine is only taken from one barrel which has been aged for 40 years.