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Exclusive seasonal family activities

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO – July 25, 2017 – Summer has arrived at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun with exclusive activities that will surprise and delight families, whether some members wish to relax and others wish to play, or whether everyone shares the same interests. The luxury resort is offering a lineup of soothing summer activities as well as fun outdoor sports – all created to make summer travel an unforgettable experience.

Learning and playtime

Kids from four to 12 years of age can participate in different fun and educational activities that focus on the environment. Workshop and playtime topics include “Turtles and Whales," "Iguanas," "Tropical Wildlife" and "Gardening." Kids will learn about these different elements of the natural world before getting hands-on to express their creativity with crafts like painted rocks or book with dried leaves. In addition, the Kids Camp will offer daily activities equally entertaining according to kids’ ages, or, if they prefer, they can spend additional time in the playroom, where they can play video games, play table hockey or jump into a series of inflatable games.

Fun and sport

Building sandcastles, flying kites and play-battling with water balloons are just some of the activities that the resort will offer for guests ages eight to 16, who can also relax during a yoga class created especially for them or put their creativity into practice by decorating their own t-shirt at Kids Camp.

Wellness and balance

For adults seeking restoration and rejuvenation, there is nothing like starting a summer day in paradise with yoga, pilates and total body conditioning classes that seek the perfect balance for relaxation. And, after enjoying a fun-filled beach day, The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers moisturizing treatments with refreshing natural ingredients to quench thirsty skin on sunny days like the After Sun Wrap, a refreshing treatment through a soothing body wrap made with cucumber and avocado, complemented by a moisturizing facial mask.

Wonders of nature

Each year, from May to September, a portion of the beach at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun is transformed into a nature sanctuary where the collected eggs of nesting sea turtles are provided a safe and protected environment to incubate. The resort’s appointed “Turtle Guardians” are ladies and gentleman of the hotel who volunteer and have been certified by the local government.  The volunteers are trained to collect and transfer the eggs safely to the artificial nests and carefully protect and monitor the nests in pre-identified “turtle camps,” until they hatch and begin their journey into the sea. Guests of all ages who are vacationing at the resort are encouraged to participate in this distinct program, both by witnessing the nesting of the eggs, and helping to release the baby turtles.