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Ramadan Flavors - Dessert


The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, in partnership with STC Bahrain, invites families, corporate groups, and couples alike to experience the month-long celebration like never before at the resort’s alfresco venues by the beach, with a combination of Thai and La Plage for individual reservations and Nikmati, dedicated for group reservations of up to 30 guests.

Combining traditional and modern design for both Thai and La Plage, a number of decorative lanterns crafted specifically for the Holy Month will hang abundantly around the alfresco venues, providing a convivial atmosphere, just a few steps away from the stunning Arabian Gulf. Over the other side of the resort, the garden themed Nikmati will be a sight to behold, whether for family Iftars or private office gatherings.

As the sun descends and the traditions of Ramadan begin, guests are welcomed to join the breaking of the fast, Iftar, from sunset to 8 p.m., for BHD 26, and the Ghabga dinner from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., starts at BHD 19.5.  Private reservations under the stars start from BHD 200 for up to 6 persons. 

For more information, please dial +973 1758 6499 or email.