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Designed for busy schedules, the Timeless Capsule is a private space for express treatments.

Audiophiles will delight in the Fusion Massage Chair which immerses your head into a high fidelity sound cushion that plays your favourite tunes, while tired neck, back and shoulder muscles are kneaded. The Zero Gravity Chair positions the body to induce a sense of weightlessness by elevating the feet to the same level as the heart, leaving you stress-free and energised.


30 minutes | $85
A dry head, back and shoulder massage for an instant charge from body fatigue.

Zero Gravity

30 minutes | $85
Defy gravity with a refreshing foot massage in our Zero Gravity Chair.

Includes: Foot and leg massage, eye serum application

The La Mer Eye Focus Treatment

30 minutes | $120
An oasis for tired, stressed eyes softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles with the potent healing properties of the Miracle Broth™. This calming application soothes, hydrates and renews the delicate eye area, delivering an expression of youth.

Includes: Opening sequence mist, cleansing, skin preparation, eye serum application, eye massage, ice technique, relaxing mask, soothing treatment
Performed with La Mer products