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Tenerife's Answer to The Modern Steakhouse

*Closed until further notice

Combining the surrounding Moorish architecture of the resort, with sleek lines, glass walls, and rich wood and leather, 20/20 Steakhouse strikes an elusive balance between tradition and modernity, transporting diners to that classic American Steakhouse when seated. This same harmony is incorporated into the menu, which showcases an exquisite array of meat and wine categories.

Guests may choose from 20 juicy steak cuts sourced from Uruguay, Nebraska (USA), and Galicia (Spain), as well as a host of other dishes. To accompany the rich flavours of the meat, diners can enjoy a selection of 20 wines from Spain and other parts of Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

Dress Code: casual elegant

For more information or to reserve a table, please contact, indicating the name of the restaurant you wish to enjoy.