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Restaurant Team


Ivanna Juaya, Manager

As the newest member of Quadrant Bar & Lounge’s family, Ivanna brings years of national and international food and beverage experience.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ivanna started her career in both the food and beverage and hotel industries where she learned the importance of day-to-day operations, maintenance and cleanliness, service to guests and supervising new staff members.

After spending a few years in Napa Valley, CA., Ivanna brings unmatched talent, including her knowledge of beverages, and most notably, her passion for wine.  Most recently, she spent time at W South Beach hotel in Miami, FL where she managed In-Room Dining operation, and ensured guests’ expectations were met.

Ivanna is well-versed, culturally immersed and deeply invested in the food and beverage space, and continues to bring her leadership skills to the forefront at Quadrant Bar & Lounge.

Christopher Mendenhall, Lead Mixologist

Revered for his creative and culinarian approach to the art of cocktail making, Lead Mixologist Christopher Mendenhall brings his unique skillset to Quadrant through innovative, high concept cocktails that pull from the culinary world.

Mendenhall’s beverage experience spans over 12 years, and began in 2003 when he started bartending at Pappadeaux in the Dallas, TX area while attending University of Texas at Arlington. After graduating, Mendenhall took a job in sales and marketing for a moving company in Denver, CO, while also bartending a few nights a week at Pappadeaux in Denver.

Quickly realizing that the corporate world was not for him, Mendenhall decided that bartending was what he wanted to do full time. After taking up the advice of a close family friend, he moved to Washington, D.C. in 2009 to pursue his bartending career. His career in D.C. began as a part-time bartender at Westend Bistro and The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.’s Lobby Lounge. Soon thereafter, Mendenhall began bartending full time at Westend Bistro, which is where he really started honing his craft. With the aid of Westend Bistro’s esteemed culinary and beverage team, he began developing his culinarian approach to crafting cocktails and soon took helm over the esteemed restaurant’s cocktail menu.

Over five years later, the opportunity to be a part of Quadrant presented itself, and Mendenhall immediately knew that he wanted to be a part of it. As lead mixologist, Mendenhall not only introduces a cutting-edge cocktail menu, but also an unrivaled experience that encourages guests to learn and enjoy cocktails in a stylish and refined setting.

Pedro Baroso, Executive Sous Chef

A native of Portugal, Chef Pedro was born and raised in a food rich environment. He discovered his passion for culinary when he was attending school, and began his career in 2005 at another Ritz-Carlton property in Sintra, Portugal as Banquet Chef and Sous Chef Tournant. Carrying more than 15 years of experience at luxury hotels in different corners of the world, Chef Pedro has worked in eclectic cities including Istanbul, Turkey; Abama, Spain; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Miami, Florida.

Upon arriving to Washington, D.C., Chef Pedro was immediately intrigued by the variety of cuisines and culture – one that, as he says, inspires him to learn more about.

“My travels and experiences at different restaurants throughout the world have contributed to my ability to bring unique flare and tastes to the menus,” said Chef Pedro. “There is a certain type of energy that fills the streets and buildings in D.C., and it inspires me to tie it into current and future food creations.”

Chef Pedro has always enjoyed creating fine dining dishes, but has a passion for simpler food with personality and soul. Overseeing two restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C., he continues to seek ways to bring local tastes to the menus, all while appealing to the D.C. palate. When Chef Pedro is not in the kitchen or with his team, he enjoys traveling, reading and spending time outdoors.