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As the seasons change, so does our skin.  Each month The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Georgetown offers a selection of seasonal services designed to address the body’s ever changing needs.

For inquiries or reservations, please call (202) 912-4175, or to make an online reservation.


The change in seasons can wreak havoc on your complexion, leaving it feeling dull, dry and dehydrated. To ease the transition and accelerate the exfoliation process, we will use a uam & pumpkin enzyme peel to removes dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage. This treatment will keep you glowing all holiday season long. 

50 min. | $190.00

*This treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have rosacea or sensitive skin, or on medication like accurate and Retin-A.



Relieve the tensions of the season with our Holiday Stress Relief massage. This exclusive treatment features hydrating and nourishing CBD oil for healthy and glowing skin. Includes a complimentary Relief Balm that targets tense areas of the body and provide relief where you need it most. Contains arnica and cayenne pepper.

50 min. | $190.00
80 min. | $290.00


A cutting edge, advanced anti-aging facial that delivers instant results. This gentle resurfacing treatment provides cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and hydration leaving your skin nourished and radiant.

50 min. | $285.00
80 min. | $385.00