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Let Us Stay With You

The Ritz-Carlton stands ready to create unforgettable moments from some of the world's most treasured destinations. Every day, every guest, is our chance to create a lasting memory.  What will you remember?

Magic Lunchbox. New School. Forever Friends.

Two young children staying with their parents at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo were about to start three weeks in a Japanese elementary school. They had never visited the country before and spoke no Japanese, so understandably they were a bit apprehensive. A perceptive Lady at The Ritz-Carlton sensed their nervousness and began to think of a way to help make their first day at school a truly special one. When their mother asked for a container to carry their lunch to school, the Lady saw an opportunity. She went shopping and found proper Japanese lunchboxes for the children, which she filled with stickers and friendship bracelets they could share with their new classmates. Another lovely surprise for the children was a book, which contained a note that told them the story of how the Lady herself felt when Japan was new and unfamiliar to her. When the children returned from school, they eagerly told of sharing their gifts and how they helped turn their schoolmates into new friends.

A Heartfelt Tribute

Sitting alone each day at the beachside cafe, an elderly Russian gentleman caught the eye of the Assistant Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya, Yalong Bay. The guest eventually revealed to the Manager that he had spent his career as a Russian cosmonaut. Now however, both retired and recently widowed, he was having a difficult time. Despite the beauty of his surroundings, he found he was missing his wife too much to truly enjoy himself. So, the staff embarked on a group effort to lift this guest's spirits. One of the Gentlemen used his expertise as a sandcastle artist and created a large rocket sculpture next to the man's table. Next, to celebrate his achievements, several of the other Ladies and Gentlemen re-imagined a bottle of the former cosmonaut's favorite vodka with news accounts of his space journeys. When he received all of these heartfelt surprises, the guest was overwhelmed and delighted, and showed his gratitude by regaling the team with stories of his adventures in the cosmos.

A Perfect Proposal in the Park

A young woman is greeted by a host of surprises when she enters The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. Unbeknown to her, the Ladies and Gentlemen were executing a highly coordinated plan for a unique wedding proposal conceived by her boyfriend. The couple was escorted to their room where flowers, champagne and an array of treats awaited them. The surprise of a lifetime was still to come when the guest peered through a telescope in the room, which pointed directly at one of our Gentleman in Central Park holding a handmade sign that read, “Marry me?” She turned around to find her boyfriend on one knee holding a beautiful ring. Truly a dream, perfected.

A 12m Dive to Rescue Memories

An underwater photography hobbyist filled his camera with memories of Al Bustan. On one dive, he lost grip of the camera and watched helplessly as it sank to the bottom of the bay. Two of our determined Gentlemen, who happened to be excellent free divers, took it upon themselves to retrieve the camera. After over an hour of searching, they returned to shore with a fully functional camera, all the memories still intact.

An Impromptu Night at the Ballet

A young girl on vacation with her parents showed a real passion for ballet while participating in children’s activities at the Abama Golf & Spa Resort. Over the week, she developed a friendship with the Activities Director who put in extra time to give the little girl private lessons. On the final evening, the young girl, with the help of our Ladies and Gentlemen, surprised her parents with a solo ballet performance at the Morocco Jazz Club complete with special music and lighting.


An expectant guest while relaxing at The Ritz-Carlton spa in Key Biscayne, received a phone call from her doctor informing her about the gender of the baby. Thrilled, she wanted to share the news with her husband. She asked a Lady if it was possible to arrange for something simple like a cupcake to be left in her room while her husband was away for an hour. Realizing this would be a truly special moment for the couple, the Lady wanted to do more. When the couple returned to their room, they were surprised to see “It’s a girl!” spelled out in pink rose petals across the bed. Not only was the soon-to-be father ecstatic, but the mother was also deeply touched by how the Lady went beyond her expectations to create something unique.


A young couple and their two children were visiting The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba on holiday when one of our Ladies noticed the family’s five-year-old daughter carrying a pail full of seashells on the beach—but looking disappointed. After approaching the girl, the Lady learned that she had been searching the beach for a starfish in her favorite color, pink, with no luck. Our determined Lady then made it her mission to ensure the young girl would find a pink starfish during her stay, and created a pirate map that would lead to the hoped-for treasure. The next day, the girl approached our Lady with a large smile on her face and a pink starfish in her hand, which she carried around with her for the remainder of her stay.


Prior to their arrival at The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya, a family of three had some very specific dietary requests for one of their members. The Executive Chef offered to personally create a menu for this family, and the guests eagerly agreed to it. Once the guests arrived, the chef came to welcome them and introduce himself, only to find that the special dietary request was for the family’s beloved dog. The chef jumped into action to treat this very special guest with extra care throughout the family’s holiday and, at the end of the stay, presented the furry guest with a takeaway box of biscuits.


The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch

On Christmas Eve at The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, a young guest left goldfish crackers in the snow for Santa’s reindeer. After hearing this, the Concierge set out in the dark to find the goldfish and with the help of a snow cat’s floodlights, collected every last one. On Christmas morning, the boy raced downstairs to see if the reindeer had eaten his snack. He was beyond amazed when he discovered hoof prints and crumbs magically left in the snow.


The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg

A father and son duo were on an epic journey from Berlin to Paris via bicycle. When they rode up to the Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg, they were greeted with a custom-made finish line to cross and an assortment of ice-cold drinks, towels and refreshments. Our Ladies and Gentlemen had also put together a package of bike-accessible sights coinciding with their route to Paris, along with lunch boxes for the next leg of their trip, and two personalized t-shirts specially made for their journey.


The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

One of our Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman noticed that a guest was checking out on her birthday. To make the guest’s day truly memorable, our Gentleman enlisted the help of one his more artistically-inclined colleagues. Despite only having one day to pull off the surprise, the pair was able to not only create a special birthday cake, but also a hand-painted portrait that captured the guest enjoying a beautiful view of the Caribbean. The guest described it as “one of the best vacations of her life”.


The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

A regular hotel guest and Moroccan native spotted a beautiful dress from her homeland in a magazine. When her villa supervisor caught wind of the guest’s interest in the dress, she searched for the dress in local stores but couldn’t find anything that came close. Instead, she had an esteemed tailor reproduce the garment exactly as it appeared in the magazine and surprised the guest with a gift-wrapped box in her room. The guest was ecstatic and expressed her gratitude over traditional Moroccan tea.


The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

At The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, one of our Ladies gave the season of giving a delightful new twist. A guest mentioned that she loved Christmas trees and in fact, she had taken photos of forty different trees in this year alone. Hearing this, our Lady wrote to all Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world, asking them to send her photos of their Christmas trees. When the guest returned for her annual Holiday visit, she was stunned and overcome with emotion upon discovering a global collection of Christmas trees decorating her room.


The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

Prior to her arrival, a guest at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo mentioned her excitement to see Japan’s famous cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms were no longer in bloom by the time she arrived in Tokyo. Undeterred, our Ladies and Gentlemen discovered that cherry blossoms were still flourishing in the northern part of the country. Upon arrival, the guest was delighted to receive a welcome card and a fresh cherry blossom branch delivered from the north.