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The Ritz Kids program is aiming to delight younger guests by making memories that last well beyond their hotel stays through engaging and immersive experiences focused on education, culture, adventure, and promoting environmental awareness of our planet for the future.

An evening of adventure for kids
From the moment of arrival, we welcome kids to The Ritz-Carlton by encouraging them to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel and its environment. Guided by playfulness and a sense of wonder, Ritz Kids delights and engages your children to interact with their surroundings in a fresh and exciting way, and encourages the spirit of the great outdoors to the inside by allowing kids to set up a specially-provided camping tent inside their room, with special amenities to liven up the night and cater to your kid’s inquisitiveness, creativity, and thirst for new adventures.
  • Special Check-in Experience:
    A Ritz Kids registration desk
    A fun “registration” form for kids to complete that includes their age, birthday, mom and dad’s names, favorite color, food and drinks!
  • Welcome Folder Amenity
    Welcome Ritz Kids camping amenities with tent, LED flashlight, Compass, drink bottle, a set of bathrobe and slippers, and Do Not Disturb (Shhhh…) card, and Kids Pool Bag with kid’s shampoo, kid’s body wash, kid’s body lotion.An engaging discovery map and stamp card also enhances the experience, explaining how to collect stamps to earn an “Explorer Certificate” and a special gift at check-out.
  • In-room Communication
    Personalized welcome letter for the kid
    Welcome card, toy and sweets in guest room
  • F&B Dinning
    A Ritz Kids menu is offered throughout the hotel, kids enjoy a complimentary welcome snack prior to their meal during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Explore Ritz Kids
Discover Ritz Kids, with fun and inspirational content created by Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. Learn more.