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Frequently Asked Questions

Pamper your body and soothe your soul at our day spa in Beijing

Prepare to have your worldly worries melt away with our rejuvenating day spa.

Whether you prefer a massage or choose to unwind with an Emperor Escape spa package, at The Ritz-Carlton Spa at Beijing, Financial Street, we cater to your every need to ensure your treatments take you to a world of rest and relaxation. We want to put your mind at ease and have taken the time to address common questions that arise prior to arrival at our nourishing day spa. Before your luxurious spa treatments, take the time to review the featured questions and consider if you would prefer a male or female massage therapist to fully maximize your spa experience.


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How can the therapists know my needs?

Are men welcome as well?

How are gratuities handled?

Before You Come

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What can I do if I arrive earlier?

How should I be dressed?

Should I try something new?