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Culinary Arts

Weddings at a resort are much more relaxed; people are more inclined to leave the world behind, to enjoy the moment, and watch the world pass by for a moment or two...

Option 1: Lovers Chocolate
Tempting chocolate wedding cake witch creates a full spiritual template off tasting made with passion and love to offer the weddings guest a unique wedding cake creation for the love ones.

Option 2: Arte Extravaganza
Created for the wedding couples who want to having there special day blessed by these art wedding cake which will be a memorable experience for the bride and groom who wants to express themselves as innovative and inspirational.

Option 3: Traditional
This traditional white wedding cake will always be a big moment for all the couples who want to keep tradition and classic in style. Fruit cream cake of course fully decorated with fresh flowers which give a sunny and blessing impression to the loving married couple and all invited guest.

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