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Wedding Planning Information

Our expert wedding advisors approach every wedding they have the privilege to guide with a personalized focus and a dedicated attention to detail. From scheduling the events of your special day to recommending the perfect table centerpiece, their consummate knowledge ensures every wedding delivers a glorious sea of memories.

Services offered at Sharq Village & Spa

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What does Sharq Village & Spa provide for weddings and receptions?

What additional services or items can Sharq Village & Spa provide for my event?

How do I arrange flowers?

Photography & Music

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May I take wedding pictures at Sharq Village & Spa if my wedding is to be held elsewhere?

What kind of music is available?

Can Sharq Village & Spa arrange transportation for my guests?

Are the Salon and beauty services available at Sharq Village & Spa?

General Information

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What is required by the State of Qatar, or the city of Doha for a legal wedding ceremony?

What do I need to know before contacting the hotel?

How far in advance should I reserve the date?

What is the average cost per person for food and beverage for my wedding reception at Sharq Village & Spa?

What are the deposits based on and when are they due?

When do I need to tell Sharq Village & Spa how many guests will be attending my wedding reception?

What are the cancellation policies?

What local laws affect the events at Sharq Village & Spa?

Any other suggestions for planning my wedding?

May I hold my ceremony and / or reception outside?


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How do I select the food for my reception?

I/my guests have special dietary requirements, what are the options?

Can Sharq Village & Spa provide my wedding cake?

May I bring an outside caterer?

May I use outside vendors?

Are there any guidelines or requirements for using outside vendors?

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Discover unique ways to create the celebration of your dreams.To arrange your event with our Ladies and Gentlemen or to make a booking Call The Sharq Village & Spa at +974 44256672, or e-mail

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