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Individual/Family Sessions

Our Wellness Specialist is available to meet with individuals or families to create a tailored program to assist you in achieving your wellness goals. We can determine how to tailor a program based upon your personal goals and the length of your stay.

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Group Sessions

Après-Ski Stretch

Our most popular class during the wintertime, this session is designed to help you embrace the mountain lifestyle by counterbalancing the rigors of skiing, stretching sore muscles and relaxing the mind. This class integrates a dynamic flow to stretch the whole body, stilling postures that quiet the mind and restorative poses that allow you linger quietly for a few moments and savor the majestic mountains.

Mountain Morning Yoga

Set your day in motion with a series of sun salutations and invigorating breathing techniques to awaken the body and energize the system. This class is the perfect way to begin your day relaxed and refreshed.

Body Sculpting
This is a functional training class using the stability ball, BOSU trainer, elastic bands and dumbbells to target and tone specific areas of the body.

Boot Camp
This traditional exercise class implements various calisthenics and jumping movements to increase cardio-respiratory fitness and muscle endurance.

Fitness and Nutrition Consultation
Members and guests may work together with a board-certified nutritionist to achieve personal health goals: weight loss, increased endurance, superior level of wellness or a combination of them.

Please note: To participate, guests ages 12 to 17 require a signed parental authorization form. Guests age 15 and younger must be supervised by an adult at all times. If you must reschedule or cancel your Personal Training Session, please notify us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.