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February 3, 2014 - With its unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea and ideal location in Tel Aviv's exclusive residential area of Herzliya, The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya is setting new standards in luxury hospitality in Israel.

An inspiring beacon of modern luxury and impeccable style, the hotel's interiors are a haven of clean, elegant design. A unique series of local artwork is featured throughout the guestrooms and lobby, with a mesmerising video-art centrepiece by the award-winning photographer Eyal Landesman especially commissioned for the reception area. Upon entering the hotel, guests are immediately met with the centrepiece projected onto three separate screens which, accompanied by the soothing sounds of a soft beat, envelopes those who gaze upon it in a gentle and relaxing ambiance and inspires a sense of well-being.

This exceptional centrepiece explores the borders of imagination, illusion and documentary through the art of photography. The images from which the video is composed also feature throughout the hotel's guestrooms. Other featured artwork showcases local contemporary artists and were many of them inspired by the luxurious marina lifestyle.

About "Stills in Motion"
By projecting a sequence of images, an illusion of movement is created blurring the distinction between reality and imaginary narrative. The footage is composed of 3,000 stills and narrates three separate stories taking place throughout a 24-hour period. The video portrays a women sleeping soundly in her bed from whence she embarks on a series of short, fragmented night-time excursions that finally challenge her grasp on reality.