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The Canal Street luxury hotel debuts window installation celebrating New Orleans’ Tricentennial

NEW ORLEANS (March 2018) – The Tricentennial of New Orleans is a milestone for the city that brings celebration and reflection to the Big Easy. In honor of this momentous year, The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans illuminates Canal Street with a new window display in collaboration with local Badass Balloon Company aptly named, “Three Centuries of Celebration.” Clusters of shimmering silver and gold balloons are strewn throughout the display to create a magnificent abstract representation of the Crescent City, reflecting on the past 300 years and looking forward to the next 300.

An ode to the city’s diverse background, the vibrant installation reflects the distinct cultures that have become intertwined over the past three hundred years to create the New Orleans that we know and love today. Designed and constructed by Desiree Ontiveros, Founder and Design Architect of Badass Balloon Company, the display is comprised of over 800 silver and gold balloons, positioned in clusters representing these cultures that have become woven together to create the identity of New Orleans. As an international symbol of celebration that is fleeting and lasts for a moment, balloons are used to represent New Orleanians and visitors of the Big Easy who live each day and celebrate in the moment.

“My goal was to capture the closely intertwined pieces of our ever changing city and illustrate this special time, the starting point for the next 300 years,” said Desiree Ontiveros, Founder of Badass Balloon Company. “This installation is reflective of how when entwined we make up this beautiful cluster of culture that is pure and utter magic.”

The “Three Centuries of Celebration” installation will be on display along Canal Street through October 31 and The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans will be debuting new programming, packages and events throughout the year to celebrate the Tricentennial.

For more information about The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans and its offerings for this year’s Tricentennial, please call (504) 524-1331 or visit