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Rising impressively from the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the ultra-modern skyline of Doha — Qatar’s political and economic epicenter — provides a grand contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. Originally founded in 1850 as the Arabian city of Al-Bida, Doha became the capital city of Qatar in 1916, and has remained as such when the nation gained its independence from Great Britain in 1971.

For more than half a century, Doha has anchored Qatar’s strong oil exportation operation, bringing great wealth to the area. Today, Doha’s economy favors real estate and construction, with nearly 40 skyscrapers soaring majestically in Doha’s downtown district. Business and leisure travelers flock to this prosperous region to partake in a variety of unique opportunities.

With an array of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, this Qatar beach resort offers a sophisticated playground for guests to indulge in fine dining amid stunning beach views, sensational spa treatments, and nearby attractions on land and at sea.

To help you plan your stay at our Doha beach resort, The Ritz-Carlton offers the latest weather forecast below. For information about Doha Qatar resort amenities and attractions, please select the appropriate link to the left.