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BEIJING, China – October, 2018 – From November 8 to 10, The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street presents the most exciting dining event in the city, a gourmet feast featuring Michelin two-star Chef Sandro Serva from the north of Roma, Italy.

Chef Sandro Serva and his brother, Maurizio Serva, run a 60-year-old family restaurant in the town of Rivodutri north of Rome, Italy, where the abundance of freshwater fish has created a wide range of river-inspired dishes. Chef Sandro uses almost exclusively local ingredients and freshwater fish, adhering to the traditional way of cooking, and presenting the natural flavor of the ingredients. With his classic "freshwater fish" dishes, he has achieved the two Michelin star and four forks and spoons by year 2018.

A path of passion and assiduousness led Chef Sandro to achieve a great reputation and recognition, including Espresso, GamberoRosso, Touring and other international awards.

To indulge local gastronomes with culinary magic, highlighting the rich flavors and essence of freshwater fish, Chef Sandro Serva will work with Fabio, Chef de Cuisine of Cépe, to design two set menus including his signature trout cuisine to present an unprecedented Michelin feast.

4-course set menu: RMB 688net per person
6-course set menu: RMB 888net per person

Ultimate Club Members enjoy 15% savings.

Venue: 1st Floor, Cépe restaurant
For more information or reservations, please call (86 10) 6629 6996