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HAIKOU, CHINA – March 2018 – There’s no better way to lift up your mood and raise your spirits than with a sweet treat, or two. Mr. Michael Cheng, the newly appointed Pastry Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou has nearly 10 years' experience in making desserts. He has served in international brands such as Mandarin Oriental, St. Regis and The Ritz-Carlton. Michael often gets his creative innovation and artistic inspiration from different ingredients, and presents his guests with a unique and sweet taste.

“I think the making of desserts is a wonderful process. The pastry chef is, in a sense, a scientist. Experiments were done using flour, syrup, chocolate and various ingredients. We need to know the flavor, color, texture, proper measure in order to discover more about the possibilities of innovation, which I have been exploring and pursuing”, Michael said.

Recently, Chef Michael brings his innovation and creativity to The Ritz-Carlton Lobby Bar & Lounge, creating more unique and sweet Ritz-Carlton memories every day.


Mango is also known as wangguo, meaning "fruit of hope", which is rich in vitamin A and is known as the "tropical fruit king". Paired with Yellow bell pepper, also known as the yellow emperor pepper, it is also a local specialty of Hainan island. Michael takes these two local Hainan ingredients as a representation of the island's delicacies, bringing you a slightly spicy note to the overall mellow taste.


Using the Hainan-native coconut, Michael combines the sweet shredded coconut with soft chocolate cream, the silky and tender texture creates a silky smooth sensation when enjoying this sweet treasure.


Fushan town is the first place to grow coffee in Hainan. Fushan coffee is stir-fried as opposed to traditional roasting and is done in traditional woks. This handmade procedure of production has been well known both in China and abroad for many years, which boasts rich flavor and pure color. Michael combines Fushan coffee with a selection of cream and raspberry jam. Between one mouthful, not only the native taste of the Hainan coffee will come through, but you will also taste the ever so slight bitterness of the coffee cream.


Located in Hainan Island, often called the Hawaii of China, the Ritz-Carlton, Haikou is where this cake got its name. Utilizing caramel hazelnut as the base and bergamot mousse through the center, Michael creates a perfect combination of flavors fitting of the honorary tradition of Golf. Guests can share their stories of holes won or lost and memories made at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge and taste "The Fairway."