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Wedding Advisor

Creating memories that will last a lifetime
Your wedding day is a special day in your life that you’ll never forget. Let the wedding planners at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai make your celebration extra special by coordinating every last detail of your day – from managing vendors and selecting your wedding venue to choosing table linens and fresh flowers. We understand that all the details are important to you, no matter how small. Our wedding planning team will assist you in making your wedding unique and reflective of your personal style and taste.

We understand that planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience. Whether your entire wedding has been planned since childhood, or you are just starting out, we strongly recommend that you select one of our dedicated wedding planners to assist you with your special day.

Your Wedding Specialist will:

  • Assist with etiquette and protocol for your ceremony 
  • Create a timeline for your entire wedding day 
  • Coordinate the wedding ceremony 
  • Recommend special event professionals to provide transportation, music, photography and invitations 
  • Act as a menu consultant for all food and beverage selections 
  • Arrange and attend your menu tasting 
  • Oversee the ceremony and reception

If you have very specific ideas about how you want your wedding to be ― the food, the mood, the style ―anything is possible at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai. We aim to exceed your expectations in every way.

Whom will I work with to arrange my wedding?
Our Wedding Specialist can assist you with your plans from inception to your special day. As a specialist in destination weddings, we are committed to ensuring your wedding is an unforgettable occasion. The Wedding Specialist will organize and coordinate the entire wedding ceremony and reception, including creating a wedding timeline and all aspects of the reception including entertainment, the first dance, celebratory toasts and cutting the cake.

Nothing is more helpful on your wedding day than having someone else take care of all the details. Our Wedding Specialist is dedicated to setting up your ceremony and reception and double-checking all of the details to ensure our team delivers a wedding that exceeds your expectations.

What does The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai provide for weddings and receptions?

The hotel provides all food and beverage, tables and chairs, white table linens, silverware and glassware and the wedding cake. All additional services can be arranged.

May I take wedding pictures at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai if my wedding is to be held elsewhere?

We reserve photography privileges for couples whose weddings or receptions are held at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai.

What do I need to know before contacting the hotel?

You should have your budget, estimated number of guests and a date. If possible, choose a couple of different dates in case your first choice is not available.

Any other suggestions for planning my wedding?

Create a wedding binder. Clip pictures from magazines, make notes about what you have liked at other weddings you have attended. This will help you select your flowers, cake, room décor and other special touches to make your wedding uniquely yours.