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LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA - With its rainforest location and the surrounding crystal blue Andaman Sea, The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi specialises in traditional shamanic spa rituals, thoughtfully created to draw upon the rich cultural elements of the Langkawi archipelago. Inspired by indigenous healing and beauty ceremonies, the treatments aim to restore the equilibrium within the body, mind and soul, helping guests reach a state of complete harmony whilst honouring these centuries-old practices.

Awarded ‘World’s Best New Resort Spa 2018’ at the World Spa Awards, The Ritz-Carlton Spa’s ideology is derived from ancient indigenous techniques and healing ceremonies. The spa embraces the power and holistic healing of sacred medicinal plants, and the natural benefits of mineral-rich marine mud. Guests can discover an exciting menu of signature spa services, based on thousand-year old practices of local shamans and midwives.

Mandi Bunga

A bathing rituals of Malay royal houses. Harnessing the benefits of traditional herbs rich in essential oils, and therapeutic flowers to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. The different types of flowers that accompany this bathing experience are believed within the local community to carry a different energy and meaning to the ritual, eradicating stress and tension.

Mystical Ocean & Earth

Celebrating the natural treasures of the surrounding rainforest and Andaman sea, the Mystical Ocean & Earth treatment blends centuries old techniques with indigenous essential oils and heated stones to release tension and induce a deep state of relaxation. Aching muscles are soothed whilst giving nourishment and regeneration to tired, lifeless skin, with this signature spa service. The basalt hot stones are locally sourced from nearby rivers for their healing properties and high retention of heat whilst the local shamans practice a long stroke or ‘rut,’ known only by the local Malay people due to its rhythmic and graceful strokes. To compliment the entire massage experience, guests enjoy a traditional mud wrap, with mud originating from the island to rejuvenate the skin. 

Lulur Hammam Experience

Coming from the Javanese word for “coating of the skin,” this centuries old treatment was traditional performed in the palaces of Central Java. Completed in a gentle steam environment, this traditional ritual deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin, whilst the full body foam massage and nourishing marine mud maintain healthy skin and wellbeing. This ancient therapy finishes with a refreshing and a deeply relaxing scalp treatment designed to melt your stresses away.

Offering six overwater spa pavilions, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Langkawi, gives physical form to the ethereal qualities of each spa experience, inviting guests to tune into their unique surrounding landscapes. Overwater walkways lead to overwater cocoon-shaped treatment pavilions that bob above the sea, strikingly designed to resemble ‘Malay Bubus’ – intricately woven fish traps used for centuries by local fishermen. All signature spa treatments can be booked during a guests’ stay.

Step into a world where luxury is infused with elements of nature and tradition and indulge in a traditional shamanic spa ritual at The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi, reaching a complete state of relaxation and harmony within the body, mind and soul.