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Waterfront concerts, a sprawling green park and surfing lessons are just a few experiences that will make Herzliya feel like home. When you are ready to relax, we will lavish you with a spa treatment only found near the Dead Sea. Our guide gives you an insider’s view on the most treasured ways to experience all sides of this beautiful seaside town.


1. Concerts on the Water

Live musical entertainment is available throughout the summer in Herzliya. For example, on Tuesdays in July and August, visit the Music on Water festival at Herzliya Marina Plaza, to witness Israeli artists perform. In late July, experience a series of jazz and world music at sunset during Jazz on the Beach.


2. Artists’ Residence

As one of Herzliya’s cultural institutions, the Artists’ Residence hosts a gallery for exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. The Residence considers itself a creative and dynamic space for action, supporting the exhibition of contemporary art. It serves as a home to a growing community of artists from Israel and around the world. Experience one of its latest exhibitions as you cool off from the summer heat. Visit Website


3. Wrap Yourself in Dead Sea Luxury

Time spent in Herzliya would not be complete without a Dead Sea spa treatment. The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya Spa offers a holistic body scrub and black mud wrap drenched in minerals and nutrients. A soothing body butter massage envelops you in true Mediterranean lavishness. A spa visit also includes a Turkish Hammam bath and an innovative fitness center overlooking the sea. Visit Website


4. Ride the Waves
Water sports enthusiasts consider Herzliya one of the best surfing locations in Israel, thanks to minimal barriers to the sea’s waves. The Reef Surfing and Diving Center is open during the summer, offering private surfing and diving lessons with experienced instructors. Equipment rental is available throughout the day, as well. Diving will lend you the opportunity to witness Herzliya’s deep-sea secrets, such as sword fish, the rock reef and sea turtles. Visit Website


5. Visit Herzliya Park and the City

Herzliya is divided into two parts: the city to the east and the beach area to the west. Herliya Park is a great reason to step away from the beaches and into the residential city atmosphere. The park offers spacious lawns, a barbecue area, an amphitheater and a lake. A biking path and running course invite you to unwind with exercise before heading deeper into the city for falafel, coffee and shopping. Visit Website