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Day Trips

With a stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya, the region’s best-known sites are only a short drive away. Visit the natural wonders of the Dead Sea, where you can soak in the famous mineral-rich waters. Experience ancient and historically significant sites throughout the city of Jerusalem. And in Tel Aviv, admire the stylish Bauhaus architecture and dine on delicious Mediterranean fare.




Tel Aviv

  • The Best of Bauhaus.

    Learn more about Bauhaus, the German design movement that is prominently displayed in buildings throughout Tel Aviv, at the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv. The center leads a two-hour walking tour that guides you to the most stunning examples of this architectural style in the city.

  • Explore Tel Aviv’s Most Vibrant Market.

    Carmel Market, also known as Shuk HaCarmel, opened in 1920 as an integral part of daily life in the city. Today in the bustling market, you’ll find vendors selling everything from boutique beers and fragrant spices to traditional clothes.  

  • Enjoy Oceanfront Dining.

    For lunch, head to The Old Man and the Sea. Soak in the stunning views from the Jaffa port as you dine on fresh seafood and pita bread straight from the oven.

  • See the Best Art in Tel Aviv.

    The building that is now the Tel Aviv Museum of Art was once the home of the city’s first mayor. Today, you’ll find an impressive selection of 20th-century works spanning the surrealist, impressionist and pop art movements from artists including Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso.  

  • Explore Well-Loved Neighborhoods.

    Discover some of Tel Aviv’s most thriving areas with a walk through the Neve Tzadek and Hatachana neighborhoods, both of which are historic areas that have morphed into hip neighborhoods.

  • Have a Memorable Mediterranean Dinner.

    Celebrity chef Eyal Shani mixes up the menu at the chic Abraxas North daily depending on whatever ingredients from the region are freshest but hot-from-the-oven pita and lamb schwarma, marinated overnight in grapes, are mainstay dishes. Grab a seat on the sidewalk to watch the locals in this buzzy corner of town.  

  • Paint the Town.

    Home to some of the city’s best restaurants, bars and clubs, Tel Aviv’s iconic Rothschild Boulevard is a nightlife staple. Whether you want to dance the night away or enjoy some live jazz, you can find it on Rothschild.




  • Go into Jerusalem’s Mountains.

    The Mount of Olives, one of three hills that border Jerusalem’s Old City, divides Jerusalem from the Judean Desert. In ancient times, the area contained rows of ancient olive groves. Have your concierge arrange a tour to learn about the biblically significant sites throughout the area.  

  • Visit the Wailing Wall.

    Also known as the Western Wall since it sits on the western border of the Temple Mount, this ancient limestone structure in the Old City of Jerusalem is considered the holiest site that Jewish people can pray at, as it is a remnant of the Holy Temples. Nearly anytime you visit, you can see devout pilgrims in prayer.  

  • Shop Local.

    Peruse the wares at the Mahane Yehuda Market, a bustling old-fashioned shuk that’s been reinvented for the modern age. Sample the offerings from vendors ranging from hummus to pastries.     

  • Walk Through History.

    Built in the 16th century, Jaffa Gate is one of the city’s six original gates that still stand today. Built to slow down charging enemies, the gate’s unique entryway bends at an abrupt right angle as you enter.

  • Visit a Sacred Christian Site.

    Considered by many to contain two of the holiest sites in the Christian faith, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre includes the hill where Jesus was crucified and the tomb where Christians believe he was buried and resurrected. Expect crowds.  

  • Taste a Bit of History.

    At Eucalyptus, Chef Moshe Basson re-creates dishes that were traditionally served at home during biblical times. He makes daily trips to the Judean Hills to source ingredients like hyssop and tweaks the night’s menu based on his discoveries. Don’t miss the roasted eggplant topped with aged pomegranate syrup or the fried fish falafel with coconut milk.

  • A Movie Under the Stars.

    Immerse yourself in the history of Jerusalem at the City of David video presentation, which tells the riveting story of the city’s rebirth more than 2,000 years ago.



Natural Wonders  

  • Visit an Ancient Fortress.

    A UNESCO World Heritage site situated near the Israel/Jordan border, Masada National Park contains the mountaintop ruins of a royal citadel that was sieged during the First Jewish-Roman War. See what was once King Herod’s palace, a Byzantine-era synagogue, and learn more about its history on one of the park’s tours. A cable car leads to the top of the mountain.

  • Float in the Famous Dead Sea.

    In the middle of the West Bank of Jordan and Israel, the famously salty Dead Sea is visited by millions each year who wish to float in the healing waters. Minerals in the water are believed to calm inflammation, destress strained muscles and moisturize skin to make it look younger.

  • Explore the Qumran Caves.

    These otherworldly limestone formations have been used for shelter for hundreds of years, but they’re best known for being the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. Start your tour at the visitor center, whre an audio presentation will walk you through the site’s history and the significance of the scrolls, which are the oldest known existing copy of the Old Testament.

  • A Final Feast.

    Retreat back to Herbert Samuel at The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya for a relaxing dinner after a busy day of exploring. Dine on crispy arancini with mushrooms, tortellini with pine nuts, oregano and scorched eggplant, and simply prepared Mediterranean catches like grilled grouper with saffron.