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The crossed gold keys seen on concierges' lapels are the symbols of Les Clefs d’Or (pronounced ‘lay clay door’), the only international association of professional hotel concierges. Each one of the concierge at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park is a proud member of this prestigious organization — of which there are approximately 450 throughout the entire U.S.

These golden keys represent a seasoned professional, one who’s developed the skills and contacts to open doors for you around the world.  In the Middle Ages, the concierges were the “keepers of the keys” at noted government buildings and castles. With a reputation of being confidantes to the traveling public, Les Clefs d’Or concierges “look after” their guests like no others can. Whether you have a simple request or a complex challenge, they continuously do their best to exceed your expectation and ensure your safety and pleasure is always the primary concern.

Susanne Carter, Chef Concierge

Originally from Germany, Susanne has called New York City home for the past 20 years. A member of the opening team in 2002, Susanne brings her passion and excitement for the city to her role as Chef Concierge. As an esteemed member of Les Clefs d’Or, Susanne prides herself on her relationships she has made with the city’s most sought after venues. During your stay, she welcomes the opportunity for her and her Concierge team to curate your New York City adventure that goes from ordinary to extraordinary.

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