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Biking in the city may seem intimidating, but a bit of preparation is always helpful. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way, and you should always keep an eye out for them, whether they step out onto the street or are using the pedestrian crossings in the bike lanes
  • Watch out for opening car doors, keeping an eye out for stopped cars and taxis. On one-way streets, stay to the left side
  • Always check, and double check, at an intersection to avoid a turning car on either side
  • Don’t lock your bike on a bus stop sign or tree
  • Observe stop lights, especially red ones

Citi Bike offers an easy way to make quick trips around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. A $12 Day Pass includes unlimited 30-minute rides. There’s a docking station across the street from the hotel.

Balance your yin and yang with this studio’s combination classes. Held outdoors in Central Park, classes pair a 20-minute cardio bike ride with a 40-minute yoga class. Note that classes are not held in the winter.

The spin studio that started it all, SoulCycle offers 45-minute indoor cycling classes that combine high-energy music with cardio, strength and choreography. The closest studios to the hotel are at East 63rd Street and Bryant Park.

This spin studio offers different classes, including RPM-driven Beats, its signature Method and Power, designed for experienced riders. The Midtown East location is the closest to the hotel.