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  • Sharq Village Spa delivers an array of lifestyle programmes, stress management, and wellness activities
  • Fully-equipped gymnasium
  • Cardiovascular & strength training
  • State-of-the-art cardio and weight training room
  • Precor bikes with built in DVD player
  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Classes
  • Spinning Classes
  • Meditation rooms
  • Lessons in Eastern meditation
  • Lessons in Eastern exercise traditions
  • Respective of local Qatari traditions, ladies are offered a private entrance and reception as well as a fully equipped gymnasium, several majlis and relaxation areas and a professional salon for hair, nail, henna and beauty treatments

Sharq Village Spa Aqua Facilities

  • Sauna
  • Steam rooms
  • Cold, warm and hot plunge pools.
  • Each spa villa is equipped with a large, outdoor plunge pool
  • Outdoor shower facilities

Sharq Village Spa Nutritional Analysis

As nutrition plays a vital role in restoration and maintenance of good health, your session begins with exchanging information of your nutritional goals. An analysis of your current dietary patterns will lead to plenty of practical and easily implemented take-home advice, as well as an educational look at how foods work in your body. Nutritional advice to suit your individual needs is provided for any specific health conditions. 

Sharq Village Spa Holistic Health Consultation

Please note treatments may be limited to season and Holistic Health Specialist availability. Please consult with the spa reception.

The role of the Holistic Health Specialist is to assist you in gaining optimal health and wellbeing.

In your comprehensive holistic health consultation, a thorough medical case history is taken, both past and present, along with an evaluation of your current lifestyle and diet. With all relevant information gathered, a comprehensive program is constructed for you that may include aspects such as lifestyle changes, dietary changes, nutritional and herbal supplementation, combined with therapies and possibly an exercise program.

The benefits to your health include:
You will gain a full understanding of your health status.
Positive, pro-active steps can be taken to increase your health and wellbeing, while under the direction of qualified and experienced health specialists.
The ability to identify preventative measures that can be undertaken to increase or maintain your health and wellbeing.

Utilization of simple techniques that can be used at home on a daily basis for optimum health and balance.

Being able to sustain and even surpass your performance in your personal and professional life, and beyond.


Yoga teaches students how to breathe well, stretch the body and relax, producing an overall heart-healthy workout. The various poses are designed to gently stretch muscles and enhance relaxation. Regular yoga workouts lower blood pressure, help relieve arthritis and headache pain, lower stress and help with sleeping problems.

T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi, the ancient Chinese System of Soft-Intrinsic Exercise, emphasizes health and tranquility by means of "way of movement." T'ai Chi is a technique of moving slowly and continuously, without strain, through a varied sequence of contrasting forms. The exercise pulls very much from inner strength and is excellent for the body's joints and circulation.