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Fine Dining in Jeddah

Restaurants Honoring Simple Flavors


Spices are the centerpiece of any kitchen in Saudi Arabia. Restaurants at this Jeddah hotel pay homage to their simplicity and flavor, highlighting the use of basil in global culinary traditions and the impact of the perfectly selected salt. To balance, sweets are celebrated in the lobby lounge.


Arabic for “sweet basil,” Reyhana borrows from culinary traditions that each have their own way of incorporating the namesake spice. The all-day menu features Asian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines.


A staple on dining tables around the world, salt takes center stage at the aptly named Saltz. A curated selection of gourmet salts, selected by the selmelier and chef, is used to enhance dishes.

Karamel Lounge

A tempting selection of scones, pastries, chocolates and rich cakes are paired with teas and coffees at this dessert-focused lounge. Afternoon Tea is offered daily.

Cake Boutique

Set in the vibrant and luxury ambience of Karamel Lounge, the Cake Boutique is the perfect place to delight your senses with decadent desserts, whimsical pastries and home-made chocolates. 

Dining Events

Discover hotel dining beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner with chef-led experiences, unique beverages, private dining, brunches and other special events and offers.