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As Jean-Michel Cousteau says, “All kids start out as scientists, constantly asking ‘Why? What’s that? How does it work?’” Ritz Kids resort experiences tap into that innate curiosity by introducing our youngest guests to both the natural wonders and the rich cultural traditions of our resort locations. Immersive and adventurous, the resort experiences provide your child with enthralling activities to reward their interest in the beauty and workings of the world we live in. With a diverse collection of activities based on the four pillars of the program – water, land, environmental responsibility and culture – kids are swept away by everything from coral reefs and forests, to recycling and sustainability, storytelling, art and even food.

Opening Hours:
Ritz Kids is open daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and is specifically tailored to kids between 4 – 10 years old.

Ritz Kids Evening Program
Our Ritz Kids Evening Program takes place on Thursdays and Fridays from 6 – 10pm for AED 225 per child and differs greatly from the regular day schedule, which also includes food, snacks, and beverages. This is a perfect opportunity for you to leave your child in our tender care while you enjoy a relaxed evening in one of our many restaurants. Advanced booking is required as space is limited.

Our team of professionals will ensure that your young ones will have a fantastic time with us!

Terms and conditions apply.

Ritz Kids Specialty Courses
Our Ritz Kids professionals offer a 2-hour specialty courses where children can join ‘Arts & Crafts’, ‘Handicrafts’, and ‘Origami Arts’, as well as Jr. Lifeguard Courses. These are available for AED 100 per child on daily basis. Advanced booking is required.

Explore Ritz Kids
Discover Ritz Kids, with fun and inspirational content created by Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. Learn more.