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Discover Japanese contribution to the art world at The National Museum of Art and The Museum of Oriental Ceramics just minutes from The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, Umeda hotel. Marvel at the ancient cities of Nara and Kobe, and explore the Osaka Castle. If shopping is on the itinerary, Herbis Plaza and Herbis Plaza ENT are just steps from this Osaka, Umeda hotel’s door.


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Ferris Wheel at Hep Five Shopping Centre
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0.7 miles / 1.3 km / 15 minutes’ walk
If you are shopping around the Umeda area, you will find the Ferris Wheel is situated right on top of the 7th floor of the Hep Five Shopping Centre. Best of all is that each carriage has a stereo for you to plug your phone into and listen to music as you go around. You will have a great moment to view and to take photos of the city while on the top.
Umeda Sky Building
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0.8 miles / 1.3 km/ 15 minutes by walk
Umeda Sky Building is 173 meters high. It has an innovative form whereby the two skyscrapers are connected at their top floors and a huge atrium that extends about 150 meters connecting the sky and the ground. This building is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.

Aqua Bus Aqua-Liner (Yodoya-bashi Pier)
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0.86 miles / 1.4 km / 17 minutes’ walk
Cruise on the Okawa River (formerly Yodo River) in seasonal beauty, and enjoy the views of Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle. The ride takes about 50-60 minutes.

Universal Studios Japan
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16 miles / 25 km / 20 minutes by train
This is the first Universal Studio amusement park outside of the United State. Enjoy among the park’s many rides, attractions, restaurants, shops and many more.

Visit Universal Studios Japan® during your stay, 20-minute train ride away from The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka.
1 Day Studio Passes and 2 day Studio Passes, allow you direct entry into the park, are available at our concierge desk.

The Ritz Carlton, Osaka is an alliance hotel of Universal Studios Japan®.

® Universal Studios. CR15-2125
Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan”
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16 miles / 25 km / 30 minutes by train

Marvel at one of the largest aquariums in the world, featuring approximately 30,000 specimens. Enjoy exhibits based on the concepts of Ring of Fire, Ring of Life and more.


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The Osaka Shiki Theatre
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0.3 miles / 0.6 km / 6 minutes’ walk
Located close to The Ritz-Carlton,Osaka at the 7th floor of the commercial complex HERBIS ENT. The Osaka Shiki Theatre is Shiki's new home theatre in the Western Japan area.
Note: All Shiki productions are performed in Japanese.

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics
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5 minutes by car (15 minutes walk)
This stylish museum is in perfect harmony with the greenery of Nakanoshima Park. Over 2,700 items from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam including works of art designated as national treasures and important cultural assets are housed here.
The National Museum of Art
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10 minutes by car
Housing modern art from Japan and globally, the museum strives to showcase how Japanese art has developed in close relation to the art of the world. Major exhibitions are held once a year, dealing with the international influence and exchange in contemporary art.
Osaka Castle
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2.9 miles / 4.7 km / 28 minutes by train
Osaka castle (Osaka-jo), is one of the major attraction of Osaka. Located in the Osaka castle park, it can be easily accessible form the JR station of the Osaka loop line, named Osakajokoen. The castle contains a museum displaying historical documents and observation deck on the 8th floor allows a panoramic view of Osaka.

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20 minutes by train
Journey to this international port city, also famous for the remarkably tender and delicious beef garnered from local Kobe or “Wagyu” cattle.
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31 miles / 50 km / 30 minutes by train
Visit this ancient capital of Japan known for historical sites such as temples, shrines, gardens, Maiko (young Geisha), and festivals. Tours in English are available from Osaka.
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31 miles / 50 km / 1 hour by train
Travel to this ancient Japanese city known for the big Buddha statue, shrines, Deer Park and festivals. Tours in English are available from Osaka.

Local Events

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Toka (Ten-day) Ebisu (Venue: Imamiya Ebisu Shrine, Holikawa Ebisu Shrine)
Toka Ebisu Festival held in January 9-11 every year. People come to Ebisu Shrine to pray for good luck in business and success in the year to come.
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Peak plum blossom period (Venue: Osaka castle Park)
People visit Osaka Castle Park for enjoying the Peak plum blossom at this period.
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March Grand Sumo Tournament (Venue: Body Maker Colosseum, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
Every year in March, The Sumo Tournament is held in Osaka during this spring season.(for 15 days)

Cherry Blossom viewing (from mid of March to April)
Venue: Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden and various locations.
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Sakura no Toori Nuke (Cherry Blossom Lane)
One of the most famous sights in Osaka is the cherry blossom lane of Japan Mint, with almost 120 trees varieties blooming along this sensationally colorful lane.

Peak rose blossom period (Various locations: Nagai Botanical Garden, Nakanoshima Park, Utsubo Park, Tsurumi Ryokuchi)
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Tenjin Matsuri (Festival)

It is said that the Tenjin Matsuri (Festival) had been lasting since the year of 951.Tenjin Matsuri (Festival) is the one of greatest festival in Japan as famous as Gion Matsuri(Kyoto) and Kanda Mtsuri (Tokyo).

Date - July 24 and 25 
Venue -Osaka Tenmangu Shrine and surrounding areas (Osaka city area)
Admission -Free to watch

Osaka information
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A Naniwa Yodogawa River Firework Display (Yodogawa River riverbanks)
1st or 2nd weekend in August


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Osaka Castle Park
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2.9 miles/4.7 km/28 minutes by train
Osaka Castle Park opened in 1931 and covers an area of 106.7 hectare. The scenery changes from season to season, attracts the visitors, especially in the spring time, and about the 600 cherry trees attracts many visitors.

Nakanoshima Park
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1.1 miles / 1.8 km / 21minutes walk
The Osaka Nakanoshima Park is the first public park opened by Osaka in 1891.
The 11 hectare park houses public facilities such as Osaka Central Public Hall, Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library and Museum of Oriental Ceramics. It also holds a rose garden. The City Hall of Osaka building is located on its west end.


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Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store
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0.6 miles / 1.0 km/ 13 minutes’ walk
Hankyu Department Store main store is established in Umeda in 1929, as the world's first department store to open at a railway terminal. Popular as a "fashion leader store" in Kansai, its "International Boutiques" area is packed with luxury brands.

Hanshin Department Store
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0.3 miles / 0.5 km / 7 minutes’ walk
Hanshin Department Store is a major department store in Osaka, carrying a wide variety of clothing, living goods and attractive food selections.

Herbis Plaza and Herbis Plaza ENT
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Adjacent to the hotel
These elegant shopping and entertainment buildings feature international brand boutiques and many more.