AlHada Area, Mekkah Road, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Experience one the best museums in the Middle East

Riyadh offers a host of exciting attractions, including the National Museum of Riyadh. Visitors to the museum will discover different types of antiques, manuscripts, documents and display boards that highlight the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.

Our hotel is located near the National Museum and other Riyadh attractions. For assistance in coordinating a visit to area attractions, our hotel concierge will be happy to help provide recommendations, directions and transportation.

Area Attractions

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Masmak Fortress
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The Masmak Fortress in the heart of old Riyadh. The Masmak Fortress is a 19th century mud fortress at the heart of Al-Bathaa, Riyadh's old quarter.
Al-Thumairi Gate
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It is a historical gate that was once part of nine gates that lead into the city. They were torn down in 1950, and now the slick restored gate is situated across the street.
National Museum/Al-Murabba Palace
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The National Museum of Riyadh is a landmark structure in the skyline of Saudi Arabia. It gives an insight into the history of Saudi Arabia. The National Museum is spread over 17,000 meters of land close to the King Abdul Aziz Historic Center.
Al Dir'iya
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Al Dir'iya is a historic oasis located on the banks of Wadi Hanifa that had attracted urban settlements since time immemorial. Al Dir'iya’s land occupies the fertile curve of Wadi Hanifa on the outskirts of Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.