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Culinary Arts

Whether you dream of buttercream, fondant or rich white chocolate, the possibilities are endless when working with the masterful pastry chefs at The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh.
Wedding Buffet Menu I
Cold Mezzah
Hummus, Tabouleh, Fatouche, Mutable, Labneh with Mint
Potato Hara, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Shanklish, Pastrerma, Muhammara, Arabic Pickles

Seafood Station
Californian and assorted Sushi with condiments
Smoked Salmon and Seafood platter
Pyramided of Prawns and cooked Crabs with calypso sauce,
Whole poached Salmon with Shrimps on Artichoke bottoms,
Chinese style Seafood and fresh Fruit salad,
Individual Prawn cocktails in glasses,
Mixed Seafood salad on shells,
Oyster Shooters, Spicy prawn and glass noodle salad

Lollo Rosso, Frisbee, Radicchio, Iceberg, Romaine, Belgian endive, Butter Lettuce
Tomato wedges, Cucumber slice, grated Carrots, white and red Cabbage
Beetroot dice, Kidney beans, mixed Bell Pepper rings
Potato Salad

Focaccia croutons, chopped onions, chopped egg, anchovies
parmesan grated, crispy bacon, black and green olives
chopped chives, cornichons, silver onions

Thousand island, French, Italian, Herb Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Balsamic

Thai Seafood Tom Yam
Wild mushroom soup

Assorted Bread Selection and Arabic Breads

Hot Mezzah
Meat Sambousek
Cheese Fatayer

Main Course Selection
Hammour Sayadia
Arabic Mix Grill (Shish Tawook, Kofta & lamb cubs)
Wok Fried Spice Chicken with Garlic
Prawn Biryani
Hammour Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce
Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Peppercorn Sauce
Grilled Lobster with lemon Herb Butter
Grilled Lamb chops with Tapenade jus
Seafood lasagne
Garden Vegetables
Roast Potatoes

Whole lamb Ouzi with condiments
Baked fresh fillet of salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

Fresh cut Fruits
Croque au Boche
Apple Strudel
Cherry trifle in glass
Tiramisu in cups
Banana Chocolate Mousse
Passion fruit Pavlova
Baked Cheese Cake
Black Forrest Gateau
Assorted French Pastrys
Crème Caramel
Um Ali, Arabic Sweets
Mixed Jellies with fruit compote
Fruit Display

Ice cream Station
6 kinds of homemade Ice cream with condiment

Wedding Buffet Menu II

Condiments & Dressings Crudités
Fresh seasonal greens, selection of oils, dressings
Crisp natural vegetable crudités, duo of dip
Assorted garden leaves, vegetables
lollo rosso lettuce, frissee lettuce, rocca leaves, ice berg lettuce, raddichio lettuce
Cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, red beets
Celery, yellow, green, red peppers
French dressing, Italian vinaigrette, cocktail sauce -olive oil, balsamic, tahina sauce
Orange tarragon dressing, Shallot vinaigrette, creamy French dressing, thousand islands
Roasted garlic, lemon, Caesar dressing (croutons, shaved parmesan cheese)

Assorted International Salads
Saverin of herbal cream cheese, potatoes with fried bread cubes
Greek salad with feta cheese
Smoked chicken salad, sun dried tomato, slice of green olives
Roasted corn salad, sun-dried tomato dressing
White beans salad, shredded tuna
Crisp of romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, foccacia bread crotons
Potato salad, chives, red onions, wholegrain mustard
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, pesto
Minted couscous, sun dried stone fruits, white cheese, black olives
Crisp fennel slaw, cider dressing

Selection of smoked, marinated fish
Peppered mackerel, dill cured salmon
Salmon, halibut, salted salmon, marinated eel

Arabic Mezzah

Hommos, tabouleh, mutable, babaganouj, oriental salad
fatouch, vine leaves, mixed pickles, olives
Mousakaa, lobieh with oil, eggplant mousaka, okra bil zait, potato harra
Mouhamara, fried baby marrow, fried cauliflower, artichoke salad, fish harra sauce
Green foul with oil, stuffed tomato, fasoulya salad, fasoulya with tahina sauce
Check peas salad

Hot Mezzah
Meat sambousak, cheese sambousak, spinach fatayer
Vegetable spring roll, chicken spring roll, lamb Kibbeh

Main Course Selection
Chicken escalope, lemon, parsley
"Osso Buco" veal
Button lamb meat
Beef “Dawood Basha“
Seafood, chicken paella
Oriental mixed grill (kofta, shish taouk, shish kebab) with biwas salad, crisp antakli bread
Grilled king fish steaks, braised fennel, saffron lemon butter sauce
Marinated grilled boneless chicken legs BBQ sauce
Braised lamb, minted green peas, baby carrots, tomato sauce
Grilled lamb chops, ratatouille mashed potatoes, kalamata olives
Roast beef sirloin steak, mushroom cream
Beef casserole
Quattro lasagne
Spinach tortellini, Parmesan crème sauce
Gratin potato
Sautéed seasonal vegetables

Dessert Selection
Um Ali
Kounafa with cream
Selection of baklava
atayef with nuts
Atayef with cream
balah El-Sham
Pistachio warba
Mahalabiya pudding
Zlabiya, basbousa
znoud al sit
Halawa al joben
Croque en bouche
Crème caramel
Chocolate cannelloni
Opera slice
Black forest
Berries Panacotta

Royal Wedding Buffet Menu

Cold Island

Assorted garden leafs & vegetables, arugula, romaine & iceberg lettuce
Cucumber, vine ripened cherry tomatoes, carrots, turnips, silver beets, yellow squash, zucchini, Yellow, Green & Red Peppers, Fennel, Celery, Green & Black Olives

Shallot Vinaigrette, Creamy Lemongrass Dressing, Roasted Garlic-Dressing, Lemon – Olive Oil Dressing, Caviar Yoghurt Dressing, thousand Island, French white creamy dressing

International Salads
Grilled chicken with tomato & coriander mayonnaise
Beef tenderloin in herb coating, herbed slice potato
Cannelloni beans with homemade lamb chorizo
La rate potatoes with Sevruga caviar cream
Mild spiced cous cous salad with fried onion tempura & cucumber pickles
Grilled white asparagus with beef bacon bits and fifteen year old balsamic
Apple salad with walnut & creamy apple juice dressing
Feta cheese salad with endives, raspberry & black berry, fresh grapes
Tomato buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, balsamic reduction
Cesar salad
Arugula leaves salad, parmesan shaved, cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar

Smoked and Marinated Fish Selection
Smoked Scottish loch fin salmon, smoked Iranian sturgeon, smoked halibut, orange cured salmon, sea bass pastrami served with lemon, onions & capers
Seared tuna with black olive crust

International Cold Cuts & Terrines
Roasted stuffed lamb loin, smoked duck breast, roasted veal loin, quail and morel terrine, veal sweetbread and pistachio terrine, ruffled goose liver terrine with brioche,

Seafood Island
Marinated shrimp
Steamed shrimp
Smoked Halibut, smoked black caviar
Steamed prawns with wasabi potato salad
Lobster medallion on saffron foam
Steamed Norwegian salmon with green asparagus salad
Fresh Tuna nicoise salad
Marinated baby artichokes & garlic prawns
Seafood salad with light garlic oil

Sushi & Sashimi
Prawn Tempura roll, crispy Salmon roll
Californian roll, Vegetable roll
Fresh Tuna & Salmon sashimi
Eel Nigri, Salmon Nigri
Tuna Nigri, Tobbikko Nigri
Wasabi, light soy sauce 7 pickled ginger

International Cheeses & creative Bread display
Selection of Arabic &European hard and soft cheeses with fruit chutneys, dried fruits & nuts
Bakery basket with includes a variety of baguettes, bread rolls & manakishes
Assorted butters & dips

Cold Mezzah
Labneh, tabouleh, baba Ghannouj, hummus,
Vegetables and vine leave Dolma, vegetables pickles salad
Green beans olive oil, mousaka, keshkeh, green broad beans, Mohamara
Fresh Lamb tong Salad, fried eggplant & cauliflower tarator, fattouche, okra olive oil
, labneh with fried eggplant, Shanklish cheese salad

Hot Island

Hot Mezzah
Fried kebbeh
Vegetables spring roll
Spinach & olives fattayer
Cheese sambossa
Meat sambossa

Main Courses

Fish& seafood
Mediterranean Sea bass on saffron- vegetable ragout
Tajine shrimp & lobster
Red snapper sayadiah
Whole Salmon in Salt crust
Shrimp Biryani with cucumber riata
Grilled Hamour fish with dill basil lemon butter sauce

Herb marinated grilled quail
Chicken casserole with lemon & potato
Grilled spring chicken BBQ sauce, corn salsa
Indian chicken curry with potato

Grilled beef medallion with Creamy pepper sauce & steamed broccoli
Sautéed veal medallion with morel mushroom sauce & Baby carrots
Grilled lamb chops with ratatouille and rosemary emulsion
Lamb kawarreh

Vegetable & Starch
Tomato rice with green peas
Chick pea’s rice with cumin
Spicy Potato wedges
Saffron mashed potato

Lebanese corner
Okra with lamb stew
Dawood basha
Chicken fatteh with rice & yogurt
Chicken shawarma fatteh

French & Mediterranean corner
Spinach tortellini crème sauce
Beef Lasagna
Penne arabiatta with pesto shrimp
Seafood cannelloni

Chinese corner
Chicken cash nuts
Vegetables fried rice
Beef oyster sauce
Red snapper sweet & sour
Spiced Chinese egg noodles with shrimp

Carving Station
Baby Lamb Ouzi
Baby Camel Ouzi
Oriental rice

Sweets Island

Oriental Dessert
Um Ali
Kounafa with cream
War bat bil kishta
Znood alsite
Aysh alsaraya
Balah al-sham, Eish el-bulbul
Mahalabiya pudding
Selection of Basbousa

International Dessert
Croque en Bouche
Crème caramel
Black forest cake
Almond cake with strawberry
Opera slice
White chocolate cheese cake
Strawberry charlotte
New York cheese cake
Tiramisu with strawberries
Traditional fig tart
Hazelnut panacotta
White chocolate & rasberry cake
Mango bavaroise
Saffron pana cotta
Mille fuille pinapple & Mango castard
Coconut custard and banana mille feuille
Fresh shot of fruits salad
“Brûlé-tree” with a selection of
Vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, chocolate and lemon crème Brulee
Trilogy of mousse our chocolate,
Chocolate dipped fruit’s
Mocca éclairs

Tropical Fruit Island
Pineapple, water melon, sweet honey melon , cantaloupe melon, dragon fruit, mango, apples, oranges, grapefruits, Rambutan, lychees, physalis, plums, apricots, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blue berries, boysenberries,

Homemade Ice crèmes & condiments
Ice cream condiments:
melon sauce, strawberry sauce
Chunky Yellow peach sauce
Honey toasted nuts, Smarties, M&Ms, maple syrup
Warm milk, dark & white chocolate Ganache
Fresh whipped Cream
Sliced fruits
Ice Cream Cones
Chocolate stones & Jelly beans

Chocolate fantasy
Dark , Milk & White Chocolate
Chocolate Fountain Condiments
Selection of fruits skewers (Strawberry, Melon, Apricot, Pineapple, Kiwi fruit, grapes & mango)
Marshmallow, mini muffins, mini Doughnut & mini cookies
Dipping condiments: chocolate shaving, croqant, dried fruit & nuts

Bridle Suite Breakfast Menu
Selection of fresh juices
Mini zatar, cheese, plain croissant
Mini muffins & Danish
Shot of fruit salad with raspberry
Mini black & white chocolate donuts
Mini donuts with crème & Sucre
Smoked salmon rolade, herbed crème cheese
Zatar rolade, olive oil
Cheddar cheese, strawberry jam, white toast
Flavored of fruits yogurt
Coffee & tea
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