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Replenish with a simple treatment or immerse yourself in total relaxation. The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a complete range of services for body, mind and spirit.

Touch Therapy

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Deep Tissue Massage
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50 minutes / $50.000 Chilean pesos

Helps restore structural balance, using a combination of gliding strokes, kneading and stretching the muscles to induce a relaxing and calming effect.
Ritz-Carlton Massage
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25 minutes / $25.000 Chilean pesos
50 minutes / $45.000 Chilean pesos

Relax and reap the benefits of a Swedish massage therapy session. Your therapist will select the best combination of massage techniques to relieve even the most tense areas of your body, making this a memorable experience.
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25 minutes / $26.000 Chilean pesos
50 minutes / $50.000 Chilean pesos

Relaxing massage that softens your body with pure essential oils drawn from flowers, plants and herbs, then blended and applied with a soothing carrier oil to promote a complete relaxation experience; promoting calmness, vigor and balance. Ideal for soothing body and soul.
Hot Stone Massage
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50 minutes / $69.000 Chilean pesos

Deep healing therapy of great complexity that calls for perfect synchronization to stimulate and balance the different key energy points of the body. Soothes muscles, while relieving stress with heated basalt stones and essential oils. This experience will bring harmony and comfort to your body.
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25 minutes / $27.000 Chilean pesos
50 minutes / $50.000 Chilean pesos

This ancient healing art stimulates and applies light pressure to nervous terminations in your feet to assess and work with all body function. It relieves stress and fatigue, thus improving the physical and mental balance of the whole body.


Jet Lag Massage
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25 minutes / $25.000 Chilean pesos

Massage that stimulates and reactivates blood circulation, revitalizing the body after long flights.

Body Therapy

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Two Zone Massage
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25 minutes / $25.000 Chilean pesos

Massage that combines techniques that offer relaxation for neck and head, followed by a comforting foot massage with aromatherapy.
Lymphatic Massage
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50 minutes / $49.000 Chilean pesos

A gentle form of massage which stimulates the body's lymphatic system, allowing it to naturally circulate fluids and increase the body's metabolism and immune system.
Four Hand Massage
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50 minutes / $130.000

The 4 Hand Massage consists on 2 therapists working in unison on both your back and legs. This massage is relaxing and energizing at the same time.
Deluxe Chocolate Wrap
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60 min/ $65.000 Chilean pesos

Luxurious skin conditioning beauty treatment, which will leave your spirit soothed and your skin smooth, thanks to cocoa hydration properties. Provides energy, vitality and emotional pleasure.

Bath Butler

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Romantic Bath
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Romantic hot bath prepared with rose essence rose petals and perfumed candles. The perfect bath for two!
The Wine Therapy
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A great relaxing hot bath prepared with a wonderful combination of Carmenere wine, oat and mineral water. This experience will exfoliate and moisturize dry skin, leaving it with a sense of brightness and softness.


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Ritz-Carlton Classic
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60 minutes / $52.000 Chilean pesos

Beauty and care treatment including deep cleansing more a complete hydration that finish with a relaxing facial lymphatic massage. Ideal for all skin types.
Deep Hydrating
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60 minutes / $67.000 Chilean pesos

Facial program of deep hydration that returns your skin to its complete, natural and lasting hydration power.
So Delicate, sensitive skins
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60 minutes / $59.000 Chilean pesos

Specially designed for very sensitive skins. Offers deep hydration protecting skin of external agents, helping to prevent early ageing.
Oily Skins
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60 minutes / $62.000 Chilean pesos

Specially designed facial for hydrating and soothing oily and mixed skins. Contains ingredients for: mattifying, balancing and regulating your skin.
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60 minutes / $60.000 Chilean pesos

Avant-garde treatment, inspired by dermabrasion which deeply retextures the epidermis to reveal fresh and young looking skin (Active principals protect skin from UVA radiation damage).
Just for Men
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60 minutes / $57.000 Chilean pesos

Energizing, hydrating and cleaning treatment that gives back light and elasticity to your skin.
Facial Anti-aging Aromatherapy
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60 minutes / $65.000

As your body, our face suffers with pollution, winter weather and with the stress that we have in our daily lives. This facial treatment is based on the mixture of different essential oils such us lemon, orange, petitgrain, geranium, lavender, mud and salts from the Dead Sea. All together will regenerate and nourish in depth your face.
Time Expert Lift: Facial Contorno de Ojos
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60 min/ $69.000 Chilean pesos

Treatment that works against the loss of volume and tone. Providing an immediate and lasting lifting effect.
Lightening Facial
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60 minutes / $70.000 Chilean pesos

Hydracure Facial
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60 minutes / $63.000 Chilean pesos


Salon Services

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  • Full Manicure
  • Full Pedicure

Spa Services

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  • Full Manicure - $18.500 Chilean pesos 
  • Full Pedicure - $19.500 Chilean pesos
  • Nail Polish Change - $8.500 Chilean pesos