6900 Great Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802 U.S.A.
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Adult & Youth Activities (Ages 9+)

Reef Adaptations Snorkel
The reef holds much more than coral and fish! This snorkel excursion will explore plants, algae and invertebrates. We will explore how they are adapted to their environment and ecologically connected to each other, how all communities are connected, and the connections between land and sea.

Take Pictures, Leave Bubbles
Learn how to use digital cameras with waterproof housings to capture your view of the underwater world. Once we return from our underwater adventure, digitally enhance your favorite shots and use them to create a moving slideshow to take back home.

Coral Reefs – Cities Under the Sea
Explore the living communities of fish, coral and algae as our Naturalists guide you on an interpretive and exciting snorkel. Learn about the unique roles that each creature on the reef fills and how their cities are much like ours on land. Learn how everything is connected on the reef and what we can learn from them to reduce our waste and live sustainably.

Fish Form and Function Snorkel
Are all fish really the same? We explore why fish are shaped and colored as they are, discovering that there is a very specific purpose behind what we consider weird body shapes and color patterns. Jump into this snorkel adventure and have fun while you explore why fish look so different and how those differences reflect something about their lives.

Night Life on the Reef
With dive lights and trained Naturalists, we take the curious and adventurous on the excursion of a lifetime to discover the fascinating world of the reef at night when the nocturnal marine life comes out to play. Previous snorkeling experience required.

Ocean Kayak and Snorkel Adventure
Great Bay provides endless opportunities to learn about the many ecosystems found in St. Thomas. Through a combination kayak-snorkel excursion, we will explore the bay and how plate tectonics, waves and weathering have converged with the oceans, sea grass beds and coastal plains to create the rich biodiversity found here.