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Kids Activities (Ages 5 – 8)

Coral Reefs - Cities Under the Sea
Ever wonder what is a coral reef? Is a coral a plant or an animal or both? Through games, multi-media, and an outdoor excursion, explore the magical ecosystem known as the “City Under The Sea” – the coral reef!

Fantastic Fish Forms
Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Through a variety of activities, we’ll discover the clever and weird ways to learn a lot about a fish’s life just by looking at its color and shape.

Fun in the Sun
The sun is the closest star to Earth and the center of our solar system. We learn to use the sun to our advantage as we create our own food, power and crafts using free solar energy from the sun.
Environmental Responsibility

Pictures in the Sky
Discovering the constellations in the night sky connects us with the history of our species and the myths and legends that our ancestors created to explain the unknown of the natural world. A closer look through our telescope reveals glowing balls of gas and the planets that wander among them and helps us to understand our place in the universe.

Taino Arts and Crafts
With a focus on the art, music, dance and belief system of the Taíno, guests will complete a series of art and craft projects that imitate these native crafts. We will learn about the ancient Taíno way of life and interactions with their natural environment. We close with a reflection on how a spiritual connection to nature results in respect for the environment and ultimately better stewardship.