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Kids & Youth Activities (Ages 5 – 12)

Beautiful Blue Beaches
Where the land meets the sea-the perfect place to experience the wonders of water; the element that makes our planet unique and life sustaining. We are Water Alive and it is water that creates our coastlines. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the world of water and our beautiful Blue Flag Beach!

Creatures of the Night
We experience the heightened sensory awareness that comes from being outdoors at night, including sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and intuition. We watch and learn how other species far surpass our limited abilities to function in the dark and become entranced by this other-world of mystery and beauty after the sun has set.

From Junk to Funk – Eco Art
Using recycled materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, this “eco-art” activity helps us better understand how we can more gently impact our planet through reducing, reusing and recycling. We discuss some of the impacts our activities have on the environment as well as the benefits of living responsibly.
Environmental Responsibility

Gardening Gurus
Come dig in and explore everything plants have to offer. Join us as we plant seeds in the organic garden and native vegetation plot, harvest herbs, fruits and veggies for a snack or for organic cooking. We will also discover how to turn waste into a resource through composting, while learning about the plants the ancient Taíno farmed and used for medicine.
Environmental Responsibility

Eco Chefs
Explore our garden and discover how organic practices can produce healthy vegetables, herbs and fruits, while helping the environment in the process. Create tasty snacks using our solar oven and learn how food affects our health and the world.
Environmental Responsibility

Mangrove and Dinosaur Wonderland
Explore the mysterious world of mangroves. Discover how mangrove trees support an amazing diversity of wildlife and protect coastlines from erosion. Our brave participants will get the opportunity to feed our resident population of living dinosaurs (green iguanas), getting to know them up close and in person.

Pictures in the Sky
Discovering the constellations in the night sky connects us with the history of our species and the myths and legends that our ancestors created to explain the unknown of the natural world. A closer look through our telescope reveals glowing balls of gas and the planets that wander among them and helps us to understand our place in the universe.

Taino Arts and Crafts
With a focus on the art, music, dance, and belief system of the Taíno, guests will complete a series of art and craft projects that imitate these native crafts. We’ll learn about the ancient Taíno way of life and interactions with their natural environment. We close with a reflection on how a spiritual connection to nature results in respect for the environment and ultimately better stewardship.