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The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu Spa invites visitors to journey back in time to the ancient Silk Road, where silk, spices and metals were commodities to be treasured. Today, our Chengdu massage spa uses those same elements to create an exotic and intriguing atmosphere with ten treatment rooms and a modern fitness center. The spa encompasses an entire floor of our luxury hotel and offers innovative treatments using world-class Biologique Recherche products
as well as locally sourced teas and medicinal herbs.

Find Serenity in Chengdu


Reserve by Phone
For more information about this distinctive Chengdu spa, or to reserve a spa treatment, please call +86 28 8358 8888.

Spa and Salon Hours of Operation
10 a.m. to 11 p.m. 



Executive Back Relief

Achieve a heightened state of relaxation and well-being with the rejuvenating Executive Back Relief. This all-inclusive treatment comprises a soothing back massage, green tea and lavender oil foot bath and scrub.

45 minutes, CNY 680


Exclusive Signature Massage

Our signature massage starts with a gentle dry body brushing with green tea. Then a personalized combination of deep tissue, acupressure and Swedish techniques is employed to ease tension in muscles and promote a deep sense of relaxation. 

60-90 minutes, CNY 1,180-1,680


Harmonic Healing

This powerful combination of restorative care and the therapeutic sounds of handmade “singing bowls” is an extraordinary healing experience. A dry, clothed treatment, it encourages deep relaxation and a feeling of absolute personal harmony. 

75 minutes, CNY 1,580


Deep Tissue Massage

A full-body massage renowned for its firm pressure and therapeutic results, this treatment works on overused muscles to help ease areas of strain and stress while improving flexibility. 

60-90 minutes, CNY 980-1,380

Two white spoons with herbs used in spa treatments on a square plate of sand

VIP O2 Oxygenating Facial

This oxygenating facial combines gentle micro-exfoliation and firm bio-energy massage to tighten the pores, intensely hydrate and oxygenate the outer skin and soften facial contours for a confidently radiant complexion.

60-75 minutes, CNY 1,500-2,100

A bowl with three seashells stacked on each other next to a single flower

Lift C.V.S. Anti-aging

A super-facial that turns back time by lifting, restructuring, firming, hydrating and protecting the complexion, this counter-aging therapy provides instantly visible results by allowing the skin to breathe as your facial texture is refined. 

75-90 minutes, CNY 2,100-2,500