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Restaurant Team

Primavera’s Italian Ladies and Gentlemen

Rounding off the traditional experience, Primavera’s legendary service is led by a pre-dominantly Italian team, bringing to life the Trattoria Moderna experience, where guests are completely immersed in Italian charm and flavours. Lorena Piccolo, Assistant Restaurant Manager describes Primavera as a “Little Italy, where pure traditional Italian food is interpreted by true Italian cooks, paired with mostly Italian vintages, by Italian Ladies and Gentlemen.”


Oliver Glowig is a German, Italian Chef who started his culinary career in Germany where he received his first Michelin Star at the Acquarello restaurant in Munich. Shortly after, Oliver’s Michelin Star status was credited once again as he was awarded with the second Michelin Star and received 17/20 points from the Espresso Guide. In 2011, Oliver Glowig opened his own restaurant in Rome which after only a few months has been recognized with two Michelin Stars.

His passion for Italian cuisine transpires in his work and will help Primavera set unprecedented benchmark in Bahrain culinary scene.