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Restaurant Team


Coming from the south of Italy in a small town called Mottola, Chef Vincenzo Nigro was inspired at a young age by his families cooking to become the chef he is today. Daily family meals were set with the freshest of ingredients, along with homemade pasta and desserts. His early upbringing in the kitchen cooking with his grandparents would soon lead him to hospitality school at the Institute of Mauro Perrone in the city of Castellaneta at the age of 14. Shortly after his studies were completed, his culinary journey would begin in 2006 working at major fine dining establishments across London, Switzerland, Australia, Maldives, Dubai, Russia and most recently in Bahrain at Primavera. Under the mentoring eye of former, Chef de Cuisine Alfonso Ferraioli and two-Michelin starred Chef Oliver Glowig, his career took new heights since joining the Primavera restaurant in August 2017 starting as a Sous Chef to now Chef de Cuisine of the award-winning restaurant, a role he assumed as of August 2018.


Oliver Glowig is a German, Italian Chef who started his culinary career in Germany where he received his first Michelin Star at the Acquarello restaurant in Munich. Shortly after, Oliver’s Michelin Star status was credited once again as he was awarded the second Michelin Star and received 17/20 points from the Espresso Guide. In 2011, Oliver Glowig opened his own restaurant in Rome which after only a few months has been recognized with two Michelin Stars.


Rounding off the traditional experience, Primavera’s legendary service is led by a pre-dominantly Italian team, bringing to life the Trattoria Moderna experience, where guests are completely immersed in Italian charm and flavors. Our Restaurant Manager, describes Primavera as a “Little Italy, where pure traditional Italian food is interpreted by true Italian cooks, paired with mostly Italian vintages, by Italian Ladies and Gentlemen.”