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Planning Your Trip

Whether you call it Beantown or the City of Good Hearts, Boston is the metropolitan heart of New England. Full of gorgeous architecture and corner squares, it’s home to some of the nation’s top universities, which attract students and scholars from around the world. Here’s what to pack to enjoy its lovely streetscapes and beautiful campuses.

Old State House
Old State House
What to Pack

An umbrella is a local essential. Like all New England towns, the rain in Boston can come off the North Atlantic with dizzying speed. So be prepared with a sturdy, windproof umbrella.

Business Travel

Universities like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology serve as breeding grounds for top talent. Here’s what to bring to fit in.

In winter, a long camel or khaki coat, for women and men, is a smart outerwear choice. The style might seem old school, but Boston runs at a slower pace than nearby New York (except, that is, on marathon day, also Patriots’ Day).

While ties might not be needed if you are meeting with a startup, Boston skews conservative, and formal business meetings do require a tie.

But men shouldn’t be afraid to take a cue from London and mix and match patterns in style. While Boston might have led the revolution against British taxation, it never fought against classic British fashion. 

Exploring the City

Historic trails and walking tours abound in this birthplace of America, so pack for comfort to explore — from the bars frequented by George Washington to the campus of one of America’s oldest colleges.

The neighboring cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill and brick sidewalks make Boston idyllic, but they can be tough on the ankles without proper footwear. Opt for flat footwear that will be comfortable exploring the entire two-and-a-half miles of the Freedom Trail.

No matter the season, you will want to dress in layers with a light sweater or jacket. New England weather can change quickly.

Winters are notorious to be cold and snowy in the city. Pack accordingly – Bostonians are not afraid to bundle up in gloves, hats, scarves, and knee-length jackets. 

Weekend Getaway

Cobblestone roads and narrow streets are among Boston’s charms. Don’t worry too much about packing for high style; think more about comfortable fashion that keeps you warm but still looks your best.

A versatile raincoat should definitely be on your checklist. One that is light and has a hood will go the furthest in this seaside town, where the weather can change quickly.

A stylish backpack or tote bag is essential for carrying a day’s worth of belongings or storing your new purchases from Newbury Street or Fanueil Hall.

Pack running gear. This is, after all, the home of America’s biggest marathon and you can reenact legs of it while in town. While you might not be up for a 26-miler, you might enjoy a few miles along the marathon route in Kenmore Square.  

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
What to Reserve

Thanks to its roots, Boston boasts some of the best cultural tours the U.S. has to offer — you can truly stroll through American history. Its close proximity to Maine (and New England in general) means local seafood offerings are among the freshest in the world. Here’s what to book before you even arrive in Beantown.

The Freedom Trail
The Freedom Trail

One of America’s oldest cities, Boston lures travelers with its historic charms and dynamic culinary and cultural scenes. Beantown, as it’s lovingly known, is a city of juxtaposition. You can wander down cobblestone streets, past Federal-style row homes in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, then be surrounded by gleaming new skyscrapers in the up-and-coming Fort Point neighborhood. The compact city is easy to navigate on foot or bike. Every season offers something special, from iconic New England foliage and buzzing college campuses in fall to the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular and baseball at Fenway in summer.