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Travelers have direct access to Los Angeles’ leading practice with five instructional videos and three customized spa treatments to set healthy intentions while on the go

LOS ANGELES – January 9, 2019 – The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles welcomes the New Year through an exclusive collaboration with LA-based meditative experts Unplug Meditation. The collaboration will introduce five in-room guided meditations allowing travelers to maintain their mindfulness routine even while on-the-go. Easily accessible by the flip of a few buttons, the channel provides a selection of 5-minute to 15-minute meditations intended to inspire a bright start to the morning, motivate productivity for the day, and support a peaceful night of rest. Each meditation includes calming visuals, soothing music, and easy-to-follow guidance by expert Unplug Meditation instructors.

The dedicated channel is available now through December 31, 2019 and includes themed options such as Priming Yourself for An Amazing Day; My Morning Practice; Peaceful Sleep; Turn Your Thoughts on Silent; and Deep, Sound Sleep.

Simultaneously, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles will release three healing experiences integrating meditative audio guides into massage therapy. Guests begin with an essential oil inhalation to set their intention before having a choice of a guided aromatherapy meditation or a sound bath meditation playing during a corresponding massage. For an immersive experience, guests can also schedule a private healing session at an Unplug Mediation studio followed by a customized treatment and mediation experience at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles’ “Unplug Meditation Collection” is available now through March 31, 2019 and includes the following:

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
Start by selecting from a calm or happy essential oil inhalation to reset mind, body and spirit. A guided aromatherapy meditation coupled with a deep tissue massage treatment will release unwanted tensions and promote holistic balance. (80 min | $260)

Soothing Sound Bath Massage
Set an intention with a calm or happy essential oil inhalation prior to start of the treatment. Enhance both mood and memory as binaural beats guide a sound bath meditation. To accompany the experience, a deep tissue massage will soothe sore and tired muscles. (80 min | $260)

The Complete Unplug Meditation Immersion
For a customized experience, begin with a private consultation at the Unplug Mediation studio. Choose from an array of private healing sessions including options of hypnosis, sound bath, tapping, or breathwork. Results of the consultation are then shared with the Spa Director, Tamara Ische, to develop a personalized treatment and mediation at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles. (Studio 60 min and spa 80 min | $699)

To make an appointment, please call The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles at (213) 763-4400.