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Call upon the expertise of our dedicated Meeting Services specialists who thrive on creating pitch-perfect events of any scale.

Please contact your meetings and special events professional for details.

Function room arrangement is subject to hotel availability. Main meeting room rental is from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

A memorable and enriching stay can extend well beyond our hotels. That’s why The Ritz-Carlton proudly offers Impact Experiences, providing inspiring opportunities for our guests to contribute to the local community. Impact Experiences are compelling social and environmental impact activities where there is one constant – each program makes a lasting and authentic difference.

Impact Experiences offers on-property activities that can be incorporated in the conference agenda during lunch breaks, receptions and coffee breaks, including:

  • Partnering with the hotel’s culinary team to prepare the ingredients for a regionally adapted dish for donation to a local hunger relief organization;
  • Assembling school supplies and art materials in backpacks for donation to students whose academic success is threatened by poverty;
  • Collaborating in teams to assemble emergency preparedness kits for shipping to a disaster relief facility or community organization;
  • Designing and creating greetings and birthday cards for children in a local pediatric healthcare facility or children’s organization.
  • Impact Hour, a platform for leaders from The Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints partner organizations to showcase how they are successfully addressing social and environmental issues.

Additionally, Signature Impact Experiences invite our group guests to take part in an off-site volunteer activity, unique to the destination.

The Specialness of Succulents
Join in a fun and helpful activity where an expert teaches group guests how to plant succulents, appreciated for their sculptural beauty and hardiness. Group guests can then donate their potted succulents to the Autism Center and receive a certificate thanking them for their contributions to children and to the environment.

Please contact your meetings and special events professional for details on how Impact Experiences can be matched to your group.

Environmental Responsibility

Meetings and events at The Ritz-Carlton are carefully designed to create an unparalleled guest experience while protecting our natural resources. Together with our property-based Ritz-Carlton Environmental Action Conservation Teams (REACT), you and your attendees can support our efforts to reduce our environmental imprint and make a meaningful difference. Within our hotels, we reduce energy and water usage, offer a linen and terry reuse program, and utilize environment-friendly cleaning products. Our meeting venues support a sustainable future by offering recycled paper products and pens, water service options, organic and local food and sustainable seafood options.

“Green meeting” means a meeting that incorporates environmental and social concerns into the meeting process to reduce the impact on the environment and to encourage giving back to local communities.

Your Green Meeting
You can expect the following in your green meeting:

  • “Recycle” waste baskets in your meeting room 
  • Recycled note pads 
  • Recycled pencils 
  • Water pitchers instead of bottled water 
  • Green coffee breaks 
  • Use of glass and porcelain instead of plastic

Your Green Event
Green morning coffee break – RMB95++

  • Healthy Food (cucumber juice) 
  • Yogurt 
  • Fresh apple basket 
  • Green teas

Green morning coffee break – RMB95++

  • Healthy Food (cucumber juice) 
  • Yogurt 
  • Fresh apple basket 
  • Green teas

What can you get from this package?

  • Groups that avail of the green meeting package and comply with the rules of Green Meet get 2% rebate off total hotel charges. 
  • A green official certificate confirming organizers with the highest level of environmental consciousness for choosing the green meeting package 
  • Rewards points will be given to organizers who choose the green meeting package. 
  • If the group has at least ten room nights on peak days for this event, one free standard room will be offered to the organizers for their next MICE held at our hotel.

Please contact your meetings and special events professional for details on how Green Meetings can be matched to group.