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For years, the “Ritz-Carlton Bride” has been a symbol of elegance and tradition. Weddings at The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu offer couples the finest in personalized services so that they can lose themselves in the joy and excitement of their big day, rather than the details and concerns of event planning and execution.

From the moment you’re first greeted by a wedding planning expert, your sole responsibility is to dream big—from music, decoration and photography to the specifics of floral arrangements and the provenance of the entrée’s ingredients, the ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu are prepared to craft every detail of your event in order to capture the wedding experience you’ve always imagined. It’s our pleasure.

What should I know before I contact The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu?
To ensure that the hotel’s Wedding Team is able to start helping you immediately, keep a few facts in mind when taking this first step toward your perfect wedding:

  • Approximate dates for the event
  • Alternate dates in case of scheduling conflicts
  • Your estimated budget
  • An estimate for the number of guests you plan to invite

How far in advance should I reserve my preferred date?
In China, the Labor Day holiday, National Day holiday and weekends in May and October are the most popular dates for wedding celebrations and in some cases are reserved two years in advance. Other dates are typically available on shorter notice. The ladies and gentlemen of the hotel’s Wedding Team will be pleased to advise you on availability.

How late can I confirm the number of guests attending my wedding celebration?
In order to ensure the quality and quantity of food offered at your celebration, the Catering Department requires an exact number of guests at least 14 days prior to the start of the event. Since this is how many meals will be prepared, this figure will be considered a guarantee and will be billed in total even if fewer guests actually attend your event.

Can I hold my celebration outdoors?
The Wedding Team constantly scouts new venues and can offer several options for elegant outdoor celebrations.

Do I need a Wedding Coordinator?
A Wedding Coordinator will instill your celebration with a level of professionalism, confidence and poise that is difficult to achieve without expert support. In addition to helping you to achieve your inner vision in terms of design and organization, Wedding Coordinators will furthermore assist with:

  • Recommendations for outside professionals such as florists, musicians, photographers and designers
  • Consult on menu and beverage selections
  • Guide you through your menu tasting and consolidate your thoughts

What does a Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu provide for my celebration?
Rentals of The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu’s ballroom or other hotel facilities will include:

  • Full food- and beverage catering
  • Tables, table linens, silverware, glassware and chairs
  • Set-up and staging
  • A scheduled ceremony rehearsal
  • An on-site Wedding Concierge to greet and assist your guests

How can I further personalize my celebration?
In addition to the comprehensive planning and execution of your wedding celebration, the ladies and gentlemen of the Wedding Team can assist in acquiring hand-picked accouterments to reflect your personal style, vision and character. Such “personal touches” might include authentic Chiavari chairs; specialty linens, base plates and bespoke menu cards; thoughtful welcome baskets for guests; intimate gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen and much more—let your imagination be your guide!

What preparations are needed two months before the big day?
Confirm your invitation text and design with a hotel-recommended printer.

What preparations are needed one month before the big day?
The short answer? Many! Here is a checklist of major actions and decisions that are best handled with time to spare:

  • Mail invitations
  • Schedule a menu tasting so you can make the most informed catering decisions
  • Confirm guests’ special dietary requirements (i.e. vegetarian)
  • Confirm Master of Ceremonies and/or Program Coordinator
  • Meet with your Catering Sales Manager to finalize menus, beverage selections, event program and decorations, music selections, ballroom layout and billing arrangements
  • Confirm attendance numbers (to the best of your ability!)
  • Prepare seating plan

What preparations are needed two weeks before the big day?
Confirm attendance based on invitation responses.

What preparations are needed one week before the big day?
Meet with your Catering Sales Manager to finalize and confirm:

  • Attendance
  • Table layout and seating plans
  • Your event program
  • Any last minute requests
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