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2-Day Romantic Getaway

Sanya is renowned for beautiful beaches, sylvan forests, historic temples — and an abundance of sites brimming with romance. In this southernmost part of Hainan province — China’s most popular vacation destination — hilltop statues, beachfront monuments and seaside structures all have their roots in legends of everlasting love and devotion, and the area’s beautiful climate and enchanting destinations are bound to inspire it even further.



  • Stroll Down a Lovers Bridge.

    Wuzhizhou Island boasts beautiful white-sand beaches and water that’s so clear you can see the coral reefs as far as 40 feet down during your snorkeling excursion or ride in a glass-bottomed boat. Don’t miss Lovers Bridge, which earned its name from the couples who clung to each other as they navigated what once was a perilous steel-cable contraption on their way to a lookout point off the beach. It’s now a sturdy plank bridge, but why not hold hands anyway?

  • Find Gorgeous Gifts.

    Haitang Bay International Shopping Complex, the world’s largest duty-free center, has nearly 1 million square feet of designer and luxury boutiques, with more than 300 stores.

  • Be Surrounded by Flowers.

    One of the highlights inside Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is the 2,800-acre Orchid Valley, which includes a footpath through the lush greenery of orchids, banyan trees and Chinese wisteria, as well as a floral workshop and a teahouse. When the neighboring Rose Valley is in season, visitors can whizz through the colorful, scent-filled growing fields on electric carts, then purchase rose-scented fragrances and other products at the flower plantation’s mercantile.

  • Face Your Fears.

    Another feature inside the forest park is the Dragon Chain rope bridge — at 550 feet long and 130 feet above the forest floor, it’s the longest, highest suspension bridge in Hainan. It’s also referred to as the Lovers Bridge, but this time it’s because legend says if couples walk it hand in hand, they’ll be together forever.

  • Luxuriate and Reinvigorate.

    The three-hour Ocean Escape journey at The Ritz-Carlton Spa Sanya, Yalong Bay includes a foot ritual, a full-body exfoliation with natural sea salts, a detoxification wrap with marine mud, and an aromatherapy massage that uses heated shells to radiate warmth and heat   throughout the muscles. After your private butler drives you back to your oceanfront villa, you’ll drift off to sleep a new person.



  • Tour the Terrain.

    Reserve bicycles and start your morning by pedaling along the paths that wend through the mangrove reserves and the sandy beaches that surround The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay.

  • Admire the Beauty of Buddhism.

    The verdant hills of the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone create an incredible background for the 10-acre Buddhist temple and its architecture, garden and statues. Admire the 13-foot-tall gold and jade Kwan-yin statue, gilded with 221 pounds of gold and silver and adorned with 120 carats of South African diamonds as well as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and jade. And marvel at the 354-foot-tall copper statue of the bodhisattva Guanyin — the third-tallest statue in the world — which has three “aspects” facing different directions, so as to bless the entire world.

  • See the Lovers Rock.

    The two giant boulders at Tianya Haijiao were, according to legend, once young lovers who were pursued by agents sent by their families, who disapproved of their elopement. During a thunderstorm they jumped into the sea here — called “the End of the Earth” for its location as the farthest point south in China — and a flash of lightning transformed them into stone. They stand today as a symbol of eternal and faithful love — so much so that many couples are wed here.

  • Snap a Stunning Sunset Shot.

    The 12-mile Coconut Dream Walk is one of the few uninterrupted spots along the beaches of Sanya, which lends itself to, well, dreamy sunset views, with sandy beaches and coconut palms.

  • Climb High for Love.

    Marvel at the 39-foot-high granite centerpiece statue at Luhuitou Peak Park that represents a legendary pair of lovers — an intrepid hunter and a fairy who transformed herself into a deer to enchant him. Add your ribbon of love to the branches of a tree marked with the vow hai shi shan meng (“each other”), then admire the views of the sparkling city lights and sea below.

  • Toast Your Trip.

    Finish your trip with a delightful dinner and drinks at Sand, with views of Yalong Bay Beach. Opt for any of the locally caught seafood on the menu, including red snapper, grouper, prawns and lobster.