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The newly restored public areas reflect a design concept created around art, time and nature, representing the hotel’s lakeside setting and the city of Geneva. The 74 guestrooms and suites have been re-styled with a sleek and modern design.

Art and harmony
In the central cavaedium of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva, design meets tradition. An exhibition of tapestries celebrates the historical figures who played a role in attaining peace, from Giuseppe Garibaldi to Victor Hugo. History becomes art, decorating multiple floors. The ancient technique of tapestry is reimagined in a contemporary way, offering the guests an immersive experience in La Galerie du temps suspendu.
Time and harmony
Time and harmony are the founding principles of the precision engineering and manufacturing industry that started flourishing in the city during the very same period. This prestigious industry is celebrated in the lobby by two pieces of art, Le Panneau du temps, an installation celebrating time with glowing moving hands that mark its passage, and La Cascade des engrenages, a cascade of gears flowing towards the reception area, symbolizing the caducity of life.
Nature and harmony
Mountains, lake, woods and urban landscape are harmonically balanced in the city of Geneva. Many visitors fell in love with this place. Among them, Princess Grace Kelly, who was usually staying at the suite that is now named after her: She loved the beautiful view on the luxurious landscape that can still be enjoyed from its windows. The duality of Grace Kelly's beauty, defined by Alfred Hitchcock as cold and sensual at the same time, is reflected in the room's details, offering sophisticated art deco design and gold leaf gilding, creating an elegant sanctuary.