Unveil an Illustrious History That Spans Over 150 Years

Situated on the storied shores of the Lake Geneva, with Switzerland’s iconic Mont Blanc as a timeless backdrop, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva, is host to a prestigious heritage that has endured for over 150 years. Celebrated by generations of high society for bespoke service, uncompromising elegance and a rich culinary tradition, the hotel has been thoughtfully renovated to craft a new era in its evolving story.

Memorable Dates
The Foundation

The hotel was inaugurated in 1865 under the name "Hôtel de la Paix”. Since the opening, it became a preferred destination for international travellers in search of luxury and comfort. Over the decades, it has welcomed numerous distinguished personalities, diplomats, artists, and political figures.

Living Room Bar Kitchen
The Alabama Negotiations

In December 1871, representatives from the US and England gathered in Geneva to resolve a mutual conflict. Geneva served as a neutral point to host the arbitration of the Alabama, the first mediation between two countries in crisis. This event shaped Geneva's international vocation. To conclude, Geneva State Council hosted an official dinner at the Hôtel de la Paix on September 7, 1972.

A New Era

In 2016, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company signed an agreement to manage the prestigious Hôtel de la Paix. The acquisition marked the beginning of a new era for this iconic address on the shores of Lake Geneva, which now benefits from the legendary excellence and savoir-faire of The Ritz-Carlton.

Woman climbing the Stairs in the Hotel Lobby
Woman in Grace Kelly Suite Bedroom
Legends Who Stayed With Us

The hotel has welcomed numerous famous personalities from around the world. From renowned writers and artists to heads of state and movie stars, each guest has contributed to shaping the hotel's reputation for excellence, refinement, and bespoke service. One of the hotel’s most esteemed guests, the Princess of Monaco’s Grace Kelly, has influenced with her inimitable and timeless style, the design of our most extraordinary suite: The Grace Kelly. 

Signature Spaces

History and contemporaneity create a singular atmosphere here, at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva.

The Majestic Lobby

Subtly blending majestic Italianate architecture with contemporary, scaled-back design, white marble walls and refined dove grey furnishings, this grandiose space encapsulates the vibrant heart of the Hotel de la Paix.

Hotel Lobby Chandelier, Armchairs and Sofa

The Jewelled Chandelier

Suspended from the heights of the galleried space, a glittering jewelled chandelier creates an impressive centrepiece, connecting historic opulence with stylish flair.

Hotel Lobby - Light

The Gallery of Suspended Time

An exhibition of tapestries celebrates the historical figures that attended the hotel, from Giuseppe Garibaldi to Victor Hugo. History becomes art, decorating multiple floors. The ancient technique of tapestry is reimagined in a contemporary way, offering the guests an immersive experience in La Galerie du Temps Suspendu.

Woman in Hotel Lobby, upstairs