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Planning Your Trip

Off the southern coast of China lies the province of Hainan, a tropical island known for its beaches, palm trees and warm climate. Haikou, its capital, is home to all of the above, plus world-class golf, volcanic landscapes and ancient history. Here’s a packing guide for your trip.

Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Planning Your Trip
What To Pack

April to October is an active rainy season, when Haikou is prone to tropical storms and typhoons. Prepare for showers by packing a compact umbrella and a light waterproof jacket.

Golf Getaway
  • When the north of China is covered in snow, Haikou, with its temperate climate, is the perfect place for golf any time of year.When the north of China is covered in snow, Haikou, with its temperate climate, is the perfect place for golf any time of year.

  • Shirts with a registered golf collar are the standard for every golfer.

  • Shorts or trousers with a belt are required for men.

  • Women should wear smart shorts, skirts, dresses or slacks (make sure they are of appropriate length, no more than two inches above the knee).

  • Golf shoes need to be worn on the course at all times. You’ll want to bring your own pair of gloves, too.
Exploring the City
  • From shopping in Haikou’s old town, with well-preserved architecture from the city’s French colonial past, to surveying volcanoes, be prepared for all the city has to offer by packing easy, versatile basics.
  • Cotton T-shirts, loose linen shirts and plenty of shorts will be perfect attire for Haikou’s mild climate. Temperatures may reach the 100s Fahrenheit in summer and hover around 60 in the winter.  

  • The sun is harsh during the day. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen along with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

  • Haikou is a great place to explore and see on foot. Choose comfort over style in your footwear and opt for sneakers or flat sandals.
Day Trips
  • Whether you spend a day soaking in the sun and swimming in the crystal waters of Holiday Beach or visit a plantation to see why they call Haikou the Coconut City, bring these essentials:
  • For long days exploring volcanic craters and plantations, pack a few sporty outfits and sneakers.

  • Don’t forget your swimsuit and a few cover-ups for the beach. Throw in a good book or two.

  • Bring ample mosquito repellent for activities with a nature focus.  
The Ritz-Carlton Lounge & Bar
The Ritz-Carlton Lounge & Bar
Planning Your Trip
What to Reserve

Haikou, in the South China Sea, is a perfect winter getaway, with its mild temperatures, beachy vibe and pretty scenery. Here’s what to book ahead of time to make the most of your trip.

Hotel Lobby
Hotel Lobby
Planning Your Trip

Situated 50 miles off the mainland, Haikou is the capital city of the island of Hainan, China’s southernmost province and its only tropical region. It’s a rare destination where skyscrapers and palm trees coexist — the island’s economic, political, technological and cultural hub. Just beyond the city center, Haikou is a tropical paradise of white-sand beaches, nature preserves and balmy tropical air. Experience the best of everything Haikou has to offer with these itineraries.

Family Vacation Fun

The bustling metropolis of Haikou, on the beautiful island of Hainan just off the coast of mainland China, makes for an ideal family vacation for kids of all ages — especially from the base camp of The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou, your tropical paradise at Mission Hills. The stunning resort offers easy access to the best of Haikou, from white-sand beaches and world-class golf courses to a kid-friendly entertainment complex.

Sunset Ritual

Island Adventures

Dubbed China’s Hawaii, the island of Hainan is a tourist’s dream, a place of beautiful beaches, tropical nature preserves, exceptional seafood, hot springs, championship golf courses and high-end shopping. Its capital, Haikou, is a thriving metropolis, with all the history and culture that comes along with big-city life. Here’s how to get the best of both worlds.

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