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A young girl loved to fly her kite high in the sky over her home in Bangalore. She’d dream that she herself was flying over the city and countryside, watching the colorful festivals from far overhead. Years later, she visited The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, with her family, excited to share some of her favorite experiences with her young son, in particular the joy of flying kites. This sparked inspiration for the Ladies and Gentlemen, and they began planning a thoughtful recreation of the guest’s memories. A private invitation for kite flying from the hotel rooftop soon followed, and the family spent the rest of the day with kites and emotions soaring high above the city.

From the moment of arrival, we welcome kids to The Ritz-Carlton by encouraging them to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel and its environment. Guided by playfulness and a sense of wonder, Ritz Kids delights and engages your children to interact with their surroundings in a fresh and exciting way, while introducing them to the four important pillars of Ritz Kids discovery: Water, Land, Environmental Responsibility and Culture.