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What is the average cost per person?
Based on our current banquet menus, you may expect to spend an average of INR 3,500 plus taxes per person. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are charged on actual consumption, or you can select from available beverage packages. Please note that final pricing will be based on your actual selections.

What are the deposits based on and when are they due?
The initial deposit is 25% of the total estimated expenses and due upon signing the contract. Another 50% is due up to six weeks prior to the event and the final 25% one month prior to the event. Any additional charges will be settled immediately after the event.

When do I need to provide a final guest count?
You will need to provide an exact number of guests at least two weeks prior to the event. You will be charged for this number of guests even if fewer attend.

Is parking available?
Complimentary valet parking is offered for you and your guests.

When is the best time of year to have my wedding in Pune?

  • Summer in Pune is from March to June with highs reaching 40C/104F during the day. Evenings are cooler and enjoy a pleasant breeze.
  • July to October is monsoon season with moderate to heavy rains and highs between 22 to 28C/72 to 82F
  • Winter is from November to February with temperatures anywhere between 9 and 26C/48 to 79F

What does The Ritz-Carlton provide for weddings and receptions?
The hotel provides all food and beverages, tables and chairs, table linens, silverware and glasses. A range of custom items, including specialty linens, menu cards and gift baskets, are available at an additional cost.

How do I arrange for flowers?
The resident florist can design seasonal arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets.  

How do I choose the food for my reception?
Your hotel wedding advisor will accompany you during your tasting with the culinary team to help you select the perfect menu. Buffet and plated options are available along with an array of cuisines.

May I bring in an outside caterer?
All events at The Ritz-Carlton are catered by the exceptional culinary team. Government regulations dictate that outside beverages are not permitted.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
The catering team offers a selection of vegetarian, vegan, Jain and gluten-free menus.

What about the cake?
The pastry chef will work with you to customize your cake and other desserts to ensure a sweet start to your new life together.

When do we need to finalize our menu?
Food and beverage selections must be finalized and confirmed with your Ritz-Carlton wedding specialist at least two weeks prior to your event.

May I use outside vendors?
The hotel has a network of preferred vendors, including decorators. Vendors outside of that network are required to pay hotel fees based on the venue and time of the event.

What are the requirements for using outside vendors?
The hotel requires a certificate of insurance as well as a signed vendor agreement that is provided by the hotel.

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