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Join us in the “deep Nikko” highlands of Okunikko for experiences rich in outdoor adventure and steeped in cultural history. From our magnificent highland setting on the eastern shore of Lake Chuzenji, discover the unspoiled natural beauty of a destination renowned for its cultural and spiritual traditions, too. Explore ancient trails, scenic waterways, and treasured shrines and temples in these activities designed for an unforgettable vacation.

The waterfalls, lakes, wetlands, hot springs and plateaus of Okunikko were shaped by long-ago eruptions of Mount Nantai, a revered landmark that rises high above Lake Chuzenji right in front of the hotel. So much dynamic beauty awaits your exploration here - come hike, cycle, and paddle with us.

  • Fees include tax, service charge and round-trip transport as necessary from the hotel.
  • Duration times include transportation to and from the activity
Cancellation Policy Fee: 
2 days prior: 30%
1 day prior: 50%
On the day: 100%
Stand-up Paddle

Paddleboarding (SUP)

2.5 hours
JPY 9,000 per person

Enjoy spectacular views of the nature all around you right in front of the hotel as you glide across Lake Chuzenji on a stand-up paddleboard. Both SUPs for solo rides and five-meter (16-foot) boards that are fun for couples, friends, and families with little ones are offered.

Chuzenji packraft

Packrafting on Lake Chuzenji

3 hours
JPY 9,500 per person

Slip a light inflatable packraft into your backpack and set out on a scenic lakeside route to any number of choice spots on shore. Then, inflate and board the vessel for your very own private cruise, with unbeatable views of Mount Nantai and the vast open sky of Okunikko stretching above.

Explore Lake Chuzenji

Nighttime Lake Ride

Wednesdays & Sundays / 90 minutes
JPY 8,000 per person

Board the day’s featured watercraft for an evening paddle on Lake Chuzenji as the setting sun gives way to the deep stillness of the moonlit sky. Weather willing, there’ll be a magical show of stars, too—one of the great treats of a vacation in Okunikko. 

Over the centuries Nikko has been hallowed ground for devotees of mountain worship, as well as a haven of the Japanese court, the imperial family, and travelers both domestic and international. Our cultural activities are opportunities to experience long-lasting Japanese traditions.

  • Fees include tax, service charge and round-trip transport as necessary from the hotel
  • Duration times include transportation to and from the activity

Cancellation Policy Fee:
1 day prior: 50%
On the day: 100%

Chuzenji Temple Gomagyo

Fire Ceremony

Everyday 10 a.m. / 2 hours
JPY 8,500 per person

At Chuzenji Temple, a sanctuary dating back to 784 and affiliated with the World Heritage Rinnoji Temple, engage in a writing meditation by copying an image of Guanyin or a wellness sutra related to the bodhisattva of compassion. Then, witness the burning of holy cedar sticks in a dynamic goma fire ceremony. The rhythmic chanting of monks and snap-crackling flames will transport you to an otherworldly place of tradition and mysticism.

Morning Zazen Meditation

Morning Zazen Meditation

Every morning, 30 minutes.

Start your day by connecting with the breath in this morning zazen practice—a meditative discipline of sitting to calm the mind, let go of distractions, and look inward to foster insight. Leading the session is a monk from the nearby Chuzenji Temple.

Please note that some dates may not be available. Please contact the hotel for details regarding the start time.

Furoshiki art

Furoshiki Art

1 hour

Learn creative ways of wrapping using the furoshiki, a square piece of printed cloth that makes for a colorful and environmentally friendly way to transport just about any item, or present it attractively as a gift.

The magnificent appearance of Nikko’s treasured shrines and temples has been maintained and preserved for centuries by master craftsmen, while the area’s majestic scenery is the consummate work of Mother Nature herself. Embark with us on memorable excursions to these powerful places.

  • Fees include tax, service charge and round-trip transport as necessary from the hotel
  • Duration times include transportation to and from the activity.

Cancellation Policy Fee:
1 day prior: 50%
On the day: 100%
*Shugendo Experience: 3 days prior or less: 100%

Ryuzu Falls Summer

Shugendo Experience

3.5 hours
2 Guests: JPY 40,000
3 Guests: JPY 54,000
4 Guests: JPY 64,000
Parties of more than 4:  JPY 64,000 + JPY 16,000 per additional person
*Solo participants must pay the two-person fee.

Encounter Shugendo, an ascetic religious tradition that draws on Taoist, Buddhist and Shinto beliefs. First, purify yourself with incense, then hike to three secluded waterfalls of the Kirifuri highlands. Try the centuries-old takigyo practice of standing beneath a cascade to purify the body-mind. You’ll come away feeling refreshed by the spiritual energy of the mountain.

Toshogu Shrine Oharai

UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 1:00 p.m.
4 hours
JPY 20,000 per person

Stroll the precincts of UNESCO World Heritage sites Rinnoji Temple and the Toshogu and Futarasan Shrine. At Toshogu, enjoy a guided tour of the complex led by a Shinto priest and shrine maiden, and experience a purification ritual in an ornately decorated chamber once reserved for use by the Tokugawa shoguns. Included in this excursion are visits to the three sacred cedar trees of Takino Shrine, an auxiliary shrine of Futarasan; and Kanmangafuchi, a riverside footpath lined with 70 stone statues of Jizo, the patron saint of travelers and children.

Kagura Shrine Dance

Kagura Shrine Dance

1 hour
JPY 10,000 per person

At Futarasan Shrine, enjoy a guided tour and view a ceremonial kagura dance performed by a shrine maiden. Accompanied by taiko drumming and a traditional bamboo wind instrument, this ritual offering to the Shinto gods expresses appreciation for bountiful crops and fishing and overall wellness.

Please note:

  • All activities are arranged upon request and subject to availability
  • All activities are attended by a hotel staff member; some by a local guide as well. Kindly note that the published content may change without prior notice as the various activities are subject to weather, availability, and other conditions
  • Cancellation policy differs depending on the activities

To Reserve:

To place a reservation, please call Extension 9 or stop by the front desk no later than 4 p.m. on the day prior to your desired activity.

Inquiries and reservations may also be made by emailing our Guest Experience Team or calling Tel: +81 288 25 6666.