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The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko is pleased to offer a diverse program of guest activities that showcase the unique offerings of our highland location within Nikko National Park, a destination revered for its scenic beauty and the splendid architecture of its UNESCO-designated Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. Walk through protected wetlands, stroll the precincts of centuries-old sanctuaries, meditate under waterfalls or try ice climbing in winter. Master the Japanese skill of furoshiki wrapping, sit zazen with a monk, or witness a mystical fire ceremony . . . all of these experiences and more are possible.

No matter the season of your visit to Nikko, you can begin your day by sitting zazen with a monk, then tour the precincts of centuries-old sanctuaries where carvings, paintings, statuary, and auspicious trees convey messages of peace, power, and paradise. Witness a dynamic fire ceremony at Chuzenji Temple or a ceremonial dance at Chugushi Shrine. Photographs taken against the bright vermilion lacquer of these buildings will be memorable keepsake of your stay in a highland destination that has drawn mountain worshippers since the eighth century. Back at the hotel, try your hand at the Nikko-bori style of woodcarving, guided by local artists.

Spring arrives in OkuNikko toward the end of April, heralded by the pastel colors and uplifting scent of the rhododendrons and mountain azaleas. Native cherry trees on the shores of Lake Chuzenji soon follow from late April to early May, unfurling their deep-pink blossoms as the days grow successively warmer. The quiet natural beauty of the Nikko area permeates this season, ready to greet you on walking and cycling tours wrapped in soft light and surrounded by new growth.

Summer pastimes like fly-fishing, wildflower hikes, and cruises on the lake bring us into the full splendor of the moment even as they evoke the holiday fun of times past. As early as the late-19th century, Lake Chuzenji was a summer retreat for vacationing diplomats who came here to relax in nature and escape the city heat. In 1902, the Scottish merchant Thomas Glover introduced the sport of fly-fishing to Japan by releasing brook trout in local waters. Newcomers to the sport can try it out right where it all began, ensconced in the same scenic beauty that drew holidaymakers here more than a century ago.

From October a brilliant tapestry of fall color begins to unfold here in the highland setting of OkuNikko, starting from the higher peaks, like the 2,500-meter Mount Nantai directly in front of the hotel. As the season deepens the colors tinge the surrounding hills all the way down to the shores of Lake Chuzenji, Japan’s highest freshwater lake at 1,300 meters. Eventually the trees in the town of Nikko at 600 meters don their autumn best. Immerse yourself right in the heart of this fall time beauty while paddleboarding on the lake or cycling the winding hills and old forests.

Winter comes to OkuNikko in December, typically with a light dusting of snow that soon builds to a full mantle of sparkling white. The area is one of the few in the Kanto region where skiers, snowboarders, and sledders alike can float down mountainsides in fresh powder snow. For the adventure-minded, fat-bike and woodland snowshoe excursions await, and in the deepest weeks of winter you can even gear up with crampons for a thrilling ice-climbing experience. When all is hush and still, the pristine air and glittering frozen cascades take on an unforgettable beauty.

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