Iroha Slopes

Planning Your Trip

Hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, fishing, and paddleboarding are just some of the outdoor adventures that await in Nikko, and cultural inspiration abounds at its temples and shrines.

Cycrusing in Okunikko
Cycrusing in Okunikko
What To Pack

Pack what you would for any highland vacation: comfortable activewear that you can layer according to the weather and season. Here are a few extra tips. You’ll have complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, but in the Deep Nikko highlands of OkuNikko there are plenty of blind spots out on the trails and throughout the National Park. Don’t fret over that pocket Wi-Fi or spare SIM card—instead, take advantage of the digital detox and let Mother Nature ease you into the bliss of just being here, now.

Spa Retreat

After a day spent in nature on the trails or at the lake, ease into a blissful soak. The hot-spring baths in our luxury spa are the only authentic Onsen experience offered by a Ritz-Carlton hotel.

  • Workout clothes for morning zazen and the fitness studio.

  • Yoginis, bring yoga wear. A mat is provided in your room for sessions on your balcony or lakeside, as you wish.
Resort Essentials

You won’t want to miss the splendid architecture and décor of the UNESCO World Heritage shrines and temples, nor the unique flora and fauna of the Senjogahara marshlands, a Ramsar Convention wetland.

  • Footgear that’s easy to slip on and off when entering shrines and temples

  • Hiking boots or trail shoes

  • Binoculars for the birdlife

  • A scarf, fleece or sweater for the cooler temps even in summer
Winter Vacation

Skiers, snowboarders, and sledders alike can float down slopes of fresh powder snow here in Nikko. Other winter woodland adventures include fat-bike, snowshoe, and ice-climbing excursions.

  • Snow boots and thick socks

  • Gloves, a hat, and a waterproof coat

  • Warm layers for outdoor fun

  • Studless snow tires if arriving by car
Senjogahara Marshland
Senjogahara Marshland
What To Reserve

To arrive at The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko on the eastern shore of Lake Chuzenji is to find yourself in a place where nature, traditional culture, and spirituality meet. Immerse yourself in the area’s charms by trying one of our many curated guest experiences. To reserve, stop by the front desk by 4 p.m. on the day prior to your desired outing.

Nikko Cedar Avenue
Nikko Cedar Avenue

Cycle in protected wetlands, stroll the precincts of centuries-old sanctuaries, sit zazen with a monk, meditate under a waterfall, try your hand at woodcarving with a temple artisan. All these experiences await in Nikko National Park, a destination known for its scenic beauty and the splendid architecture of UNESCO-designated shrines and temples.