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The world’s only The Ritz-Carlton branded onsen draws natural hot spring water direct from Nikko Yumoto Onsen, a renowned magical hot spring destination ever since its discovery more than 1200 years ago, immersing guests in the warm embrace of relaxation to soothe body and soul.

Hot Spring Facilities

Spa - Onsen

Indoor Bath

Take in a colorful garden view that changes with the seasons. Close your eyes and let the meditative sound of rippling water calm your mind.

Spa - Indoor Onsen Experience

Open-air bath

Get even closer to Nikko’s majestic nature. Take a moment to feel the breeze and soak up the healing power of mother nature’s blessings.

Onsen Sauna


Discover the rewards that come from embracing our dry sauna experience, filled with the scent of cypress to promote healthy perspiration and circulation.

Spa - Lounge

Spa lounge

Arrange to meet your fellow guests in this peaceful spot within our courtyard, or simply use it to unwind further after taking a bath.

Hot Spring Water

Our hydrogen sulfide simple sulfur spring maintains a temperature of 78.6゜C. The source water is low in acidity, colorless and transparent, but turns milky white when exposed to air with a naturally sulfuric scent.

Known to help those recovering from nerve and joint pain, as well as general fatigue, the water’s abundant metasilicic acid contains skin-rejuvenating properties to act as a natural moisturizer.