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2.5 miles / 4.1 km / 24 minutes by train

Among the hustle and bustle of downtown Osaka, lies this evocatively alluring oasis of calm. At both the east and west sides of Hozenji Yokocho are the gates which draw you down along a narrow, stone-paved alley. At some point in the past, the street stalls which served the worshippers in the grounds of Hozenji Temple evolved into the back street we see today. These days you’ll find the place packed with many unique, well known eateries including traditional Japanese cuisine, bars and local food restaurants.

Even today, in the central area, you can find the statue of Fudo Myo-o and catch the lingering scent of incense wafting through on the breeze. The whole of the statue is covered in a green moss which has grown there thanks to well-wishers praying at the statue and sprinkling it with water. Because of this it has been affectionately named “Mizukake-fudo” which literally means ‘pouring water on the immovable’.

Enjoy the entertainment and culture developed here since the Edo period and revel in the atmosphere of this cool, yet heartwarmingly cultured place.